Promoting my first ever story

Hi everyone I just published my first story please check it out

Here is the cover
Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 6.29.58 PM

OoooOoo I’ll read it :blush::blush:

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Hi, are you interested in a r4r? :relaxed: You can dm me on Instagram for a r4r @annawepisode

Here is the link to my story:

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Hi Anna I just dm you my Instagram is @annika.epy

Hey there you can check my story too!
Story name : So Far Yet So Close
Gerne : Romance /Drama
Chapters : 8(more episodes coming soon)
Style : Limelight
Description : You meet the perfect guy but you find out he lives in a different country. Will your love last or it will end in a rush?
Instagram: @glyka_episode
Link :

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