Promoting my first story: Whenever You're Ready

Hello! I hope you are doing good! :heartbeat:

I remember some time ago, I was asking for some help here and some people told me they don’t have an Instagram account but wanted to read my story when I released it.
Sorry, I’m late :sweat_smile: But I released my first story this Thursday so if you want to give it a go let me know your thoughts after reading! :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Title: Whenever You’re Ready
Description: Chloe has love to give to everyone but her. Christian learned the hard way that love isn’t always a two-way street. What will happen when their path crosses? Drama awaits you.
Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama (with lots of comedy tho)
Extras: Choices, one love interest, mini-games, art scenes, points system, funny characters and lots of drama yet to come! Gems free! - You can support with gems but it doesn’t change the plot at all! You already support me by reading the story! :heartbeat:


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Hello!! Thanks for making this thread I would love to do a R4R with someone my story is posted below to whoever would like to do one and yes I am currently working on episode 8 so if you happen to finish up to 7 episodes and if I finish up coding episode 8 I will send you the brand new link so you can read episode 8!!

Story title Heartbreaker To Lovers(LGBTQ)
Author Lucy on episode(aaron_ailee_episode)
Genre Romance
Trigger warning This story contains at times scenes where there is child abuse and self harm so I have added skip options for those scenes.

Story description Lucy is the nerd of the school and when she finds love she only gets heartbroken will she find the love of her life? Or will she be alone forever read to find out
Episodes 8 episodes more on the way
Style Limelight


If you want heres mine!
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wanna do a r4r?
here’s my story: Sea of Secrets

Style: Limelight - Spotlight
Chapter progress: 6 (ongoing)
Genre: Romantic Fantasy

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Thank you for this thread💕

Here’s my story:
Title: The Card
Author: Ali
IG: @alisepisode
Genre: Drama
Style: LL
Episodes: 12 (on going)
Description: One experience changed your whole outlook on love. But when you have your best friend & mysterious stranger fighting for your heart, will the meaning of love change for you? (CC, Choices will matter)
Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 11.58.44

Sure! Can you send me the link in a private message? :grin:

Thank you!! :pleading_face:

If you want to do a r4r, send me the link for private message, please! :grin: