Promoting my first story!



Hey @Kaskaydee! I just finished reading your story and it’s lit! I can relate to the struggle of editing the first chapter :joy: yours came out really well though, so don’t worry. I think the plot is really nice and entertaining, I like your sense of humor. Jason is such a little precious cupcake :heart_eyes: (rip hot pocket)
So my only suggestion is keep going! I can see you’re making a step forward every chapter, so stick to this path
I’m going to leave a positive review on your fanmail too for everyone to read :wink:

This scene though :joy::joy::joy:

When dreams come true


OMG Thank you so much this really motivates me so much :). This absolutely means the world to me. I been wanting to write this story for years and now I am actually doing it. I am currently in the process of writing chapter 4 and I am really going to enjoy this. (sneak peek on IG.) It would help a lot of you are capable of sharing too.

Can you do me a favor and link me your story? I think we agreed upon a R4R.


Don’t even mention it! It should be normal to support each other and if someone’s doing a good job, I don’t see why she/he shouldn’t be praised :slight_smile: here’s the link to mine: , hope you’ll like it!


Thank you I will definitely read it tomorrow. I Will message you once I have started reading it.

And again thank you so much.


Hey! r4r?
I’ll send proof! :slight_smile:

Here ya go:

Title: Stealing His Heart

Author: Silent Platinum

Style: INK


Genre: Romance

You, your little sister and your mom moved to North Cali because your sister has Cystic Fibrosis. But you never expected to meet an outcast and… Steal his Heart. CC INCLUDED​

Chapters released: 2 (3 is not done yet)


Hope you enjoy :hearts:


Awesome thank for sending me your story! It has to go on a wait list because I have to catch up and read others.


Okay thats fine :slight_smile:


Hi all :grinning:,

Hurray! :tada::confetti_ball: I’ve just published my first story! :dancer:

Name: Sealed with a Kiss! :kiss:
Author: D.G.S.
Genre: Romance :couplekiss_man_woman:
Total number of episodes: :two::four:
Status: Story is complete.:wink:
Story Type: Episode Original
Story Style: Episode Ink

Description: One night Emily Brown :woman:t2: meets the top hero of Hollywood, Dylan Reed :adult:t2:. He is the most eligible bachelor of California, a dangerous womanizer with seducing-ly killer looks :heart_eyes:. Can she be able to resist his charm or will she fall for him :thinking: ? See how it is to be a lover of the top hero of Hollywood, when the whole country is after him and he after you! :revolving_hearts:

Small Cover:


Please read the story :slight_smile: and share with your friends :two_men_holding_hands::couple::two_women_holding_hands: