Promoting my first story


Please review my story I know the directing is bad I’m currently looking for someone to fix it but if you could tell me what you think of the plot that would be nice.


When you have the character talking instead of the narrator, all you have to do for the name of the character is
Whatever you want them to say
Maybe as she is telling you everything have it change in the story showing you what’s going on along with her telling you. Also it would look better in my opinion, if you have animations of them talking every time they talk… I’m not a pro, but if you need to know how to put them in spots and coding I can help…
The plot was okay I only read the 1st episode…


Thanks for your opinion and yes I do need help with coding.


What in all would you like help with… I can show you one of my episodes where I did the coding I can message it to you maybe it can help.


Yeah I don’t have a computer so I can’t really code


O your doing it on a phone??




:I will review your story! My story is called Alleyway, just released! check it out for me:) (


o okay ya I’m no good with the phone sorry


That’s ok


Ok here’s the link to my story