Promoting my Instagram account for the start of my new coming story!

Hello! I would just like to promote my instagram account connected to my new upcoming story. On my account I will be posting Q and As polls and exclusive content for my story! I know this may sound lame since i’m just starting but I promise that the content will progressively get good. I would really appreciate if you follow me and share my account with your friends, it would mean a lot especially since i’m just starting out! hmu for any questions! xoxo- Dani

My instagram is @firecrackervb21

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Hey! I’m also literally just starting out my episode IG account for my upcoming story and don’t really know where to start. Would you like to do f4f and reviews later? :laughing:

Here is my account @saramasse.episode

@Licorice Yes of course!!!

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Thank you!


I’ll follow you on Instagram, @mollie.stories :smiley:

I’ll follow you on Instagram, @mollie.stories :slight_smile:

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@mollie.stories tysm I really appreciate it!!!

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