Promoting my new story! Eternal Love Willing to do r4r LL only sorry


Title: Eternal love

Chapter out now:3

Description: The responsibilities as the Princess of the Underworld are tiring, so you escape to a planet called Earth. Can you finally find peace, and maybe love?

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Kieran

Up for r4r


Congrats on publishing :two_hearts:

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We’ll do r4r soon dear

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Hi dear i just published my story
Wanna do r4r?


What is yours?
How many chapters you want?

Eternal Love 3x3

Okay, we start now?

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Chaoter 1 and 2

Idk how to feel about rain just leaving amber

Im on chapter 2 of yours I will give you ss when I’m done
You will know in the next episode
But I really leave my sister alone at home

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Done !

How old is amber

She is 18 when I leave her
We are 15 years apart

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Congrats Kieran!! :clap:

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I customize him hehe

Haha this is funny

I like when she doing that!

I don’t like her hun

I love this sis!

Love this scene

Yasmin’s she’s so evil to her

Remind me of my dad
When I sneaking out

The name same like my late brother

Are they twins?

I’m on chapter 3 now

Ohh well then nvm :slightly_smiling_face: thats a big difference i thought she was 14 or something

Uhh yasmin!

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