Promoting my new story - Ghost of Mona

I would love to do r4r😊

Thank you very much :blush: :heart:

If you’d like to do a r4r with me then let me know! I give honest helpful feedback :blush: my link is below.

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I would love to do r4r and please give an honest feed back😊

Sure, is your story in the thread?

Mkay, I’ll get straight to ASAP. Do you know my story?

Hot on her heels right?

Yep, can’t wait to read your story! :grin:

I read all 3 episodes :grin:

It’s a good story, the plot is interesting. I love that it has flashbacks of Mona’s life, if feel like it’s going to be quite a gripping thriller, and mystery story. I love the suspense and cliffhangers at the end of the episodes. Although there is some grammar mistakes, but ones that won’t be hugely noticed. Overall good story, love the mystery and flashbacks in it! Well done! :blush:

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Thank youuu :heart: … Yeah actually english is not my first language so there maybe some mistakes in grammar :sweat_smile: but thank you for reading… I have read your 1st chapter and I will continue reading once my passes refill :blush:

I really liked your story, and I hope you like my story! :grin:

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