Promoting my new story! (PROMOTING UNDERRATED STORIES!)

Hey everyone! My new story has been out for a week, and unfortunately it hasn’t really picked up an audience, but I poured my heart and soul into this and I would really appreciate if you could give a go!

Title: New Romantics
Chapters: 3 (to be continued)
Description: Amelia is trying her best to find her place in the world but adulthood isn’t easy. But now she has Oliver, a handsome stranger who’s about to turn her world upside down.


Thank you for this thread. This is my story. I would love to do r4r if anyone want to. :heart:



I would love to do a r4r!

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Great. Can you pm me link of your story :innocent:

Thank you for this thread!
Title: Rosalie
Author(me);Red Rose
Genre: Romance
Art Style: Ink
Description; Rosalie is a senior in high school, she doesn’t really believe in love that is in till Leo comes to her life.


Thanks for the thread
Story: Bumpy Ride With You
Genre: Romance/ drama/ comedy/ thriller
Style: INK
Author: Scarlett
Instagram: episode.scar_ (feel free to DM me)
Episodes: 10 more to come
Story Link:
Story Cover:

Description: Rose believes she’s too complicated to love after a hard breakup. Her outlook on love changes once a member from Colorado’s most feared gang lays his eyes on her

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Anyone interested ? :blush:

I published my story, hope you like it!
Title : My Strange Magical Dream
Genre : Fantasy
Style : LL
Chapters : 3 and more coming
Description : Every night, you have this strange yet magical dream with this mysterious person that appears in it. Would you be able to find out who was the person and the meaning of your dream?

My Instagram : Anasfa.EpisodeStory
Storylink :