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Hey Everyone! So last week I posted my very first story. I was wondering if you all would be willing to give it a read. If so please feel free to leave a comments/constructive criticism in your replies, and feel free to link your stories down below as well. I would love to do read for read and am an avid fan of giving others feedback on their stories. I love doing my part in helping others as well as people helping me. Anyway, please enjoy my story! :slight_smile:

Title : The Miracle of Umar
Author : Breeose
Genre : Romance
Style : Limelight
Description : Khadijah is a 17 year old girl making the most of her life as a teen mother in poverty. Watch her story unfold through the struggles of life being pregnant and alone.
Link :

Small cover :

Large Cover : (Coming with story Update)


Im gonna be so interested i can already tell xx


Would you like to do an r4r?

Title: Blades of Desire
Author: Giselle C.
Genre: Drama
Style: LL
Small cover:
Large cover:
Your life was perfect: hot BF, rich, and gorgeous. Will Graham help you win back the life that you had lost, or will you get caught up in Romans’ heat? (Choices matter)


I will share these with my friends!! Good job!!


Thanks so much!!! xxx


Yes, of course! I’m already so excited! Your story looks so good, can’t wait to read. :smiley:


Okay so I read the three chapters that are currently out, and I must say I am IN LOVE with your story! It has everything I could ever ask for with the perfect amount of drama and romance (within ONLY the first three chapters!!! Like hello?!). As for feedback, I would say that the first chapter was a little bit fast as far as the
Death and disappearance. If you could, maybe move the birthday back from a week to two and then give the mc a little more time with her first boyfriend just to strengthen the bond between the reader and his character. Then go to a week before the mc’s birthday and maybe just have him say something along the lines of “I’ll be here for you always” or something sweet like that, only to be ripped away. I think that would add a final touch of drama that in a way would hit the readers in the heart. That is all for feedback, so otherwise, just keep doing what you’re doing!


Thank you so much!! I kind of meant for the first episode to be rushed because I’m going to keep referring to her past, so I didn’t want readers to be confused :disappointed_relieved::heartpulse: YOURE THE SWEETEST!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


No problem! I’m actually so happy to be one of the first few readers of such a great story. I love the idea of being able to help you with it too! I can’t wait to see how you shape it. I will definitely be continuing to read, and I can’t wait to see how your story grows! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cowboy_hat_face:


Oh and as for the past part, I CAN’T WAIT, OHMYGAWD!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME YOURE TOO KIND :heart_eyes::sob::kissing_heart::heart::two_hearts: again thank you so so much!!


Hello, I read all 3 episodes.


Great job for having a POC MC! It did feel like all 3 episodes was very short. Try adding some more information about the MC. I wonder what happened to her parents and does she go to school? Adding some more info will help your story. Also where’s the baby dad? I had no issues with your directing. Just watch out with your author notes. You want to show the reader more than tell us. You’re off to a great start, focus on revamping the 3 episodes. Don’t forget to try to end your story on cliffhangers. Like you did on episode 3.

Title: Kotton Kandie
Author: Pretty Eri
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Description: Escaped from a loutish husband, Kandie tries to find a new beginning. But what she didn’t know was that her ex-husband lurks in the trails behind her
Instagram: @Eri2.0



Title-Let It Rain
Description- Nothing ever seems to go right for Brielle. Especially when it comes to her crazy foster mom, the jerk boys at school. but when bad boy hunter saves her life will things change?
Episodes-3 and counting


how do you get your layouts to move?


I’m reading yours right now


I put them in a spot then I shift them to another :slight_smile:


I’d love to do a R4R! If anybody wants to do a R4R with me please personal message me so I can keep track of you. Thank you :sparkling_heart:
Title: Love Is Death’s Game
Author: Saniyah K
Genre: Thriller/Romance/Drama
Chapters: 4 out (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Description: You’re seeking revenge for your parent’s killer, but what happens when you catch feelings for the killer. Will you go through with your revenge plot or fall hopelessly in love? CC
Instagram: @smk0225.epi



Love to do a R4R :slight_smile: Adding you to my list, once I’m done I’ll send you screenshots.
Title : To the Night
Author: Megan Beard
Genre : Comedy
Style : INK
Description : Megan and her group of friends have a crazy night out on the town. Follow Megan and her friends trying to recall the events of last night. Completely Revamped .
Episodes : 9 (On Going)
All Criticism Welcome!
Instagram: megan12.episode
Story Link:


Added yours to my list, will check it out tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read! :smiley: