Promoting my new story [R4R] (PROMOTE YOURS TOO)

Hi everyone! :yay:

I just published the first 3 chapters of my story ‘Descendant Of Evil’, it’s a fantasy story, with multiple love interest but not too many bc let’s be real, I’m very indecisive and the struggle is real. :blob_turtle:
This is the deal, I will read 3 chapters of your story in return for the same with mine! BUT if I like your story I’ll read it until the end!!

:two_hearts: So, how about we help each other?! :two_hearts:

Story title: Descendant Of Evil
Author: Rubi Red
Instagram: @rubi.episode

Genre: Fantasy/Accion
Episodes: 3, more coming soon
Style: Limelight
Love interests: 3
Customization: Full for MC/LI.

Description: You’re a normal girl until you move to another city and your family’s secret puts your life at risk. Can being a demon help you in a battle for the life of all your loved ones?



I know, I don’t know how to edit :c

[ :heavy_check_mark:] Point System
[ :heavy_check_mark:] Choices Matter
[ :heavy_check_mark:] Mini-games
[ :heavy_check_mark:] Advanced Directing
[ :heavy_check_mark:] Multiple Playable Characters

Thank you :llama:

Stories to read:


This looks great! Thanks for the thread, heres mine. I’d love to do a r4r 3 chapters with you!

Title: Greed Queen
Summary: A handsome soldier, a waging war that only you can stop, and a mysterious prince who can give you that chance. But he’s to marry your sister. Your objective? Become Queen. (CHOICES MATTER)

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I’m in.

My Story : OverDosed
Author : Phoenix

I can’t wait to read your story.
And Vice Versa!:blush:

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Oh lord, you just give me three things I like: war, forbidden love and the crown. I’M IN FOR THIS :heavy_heart_exclamation: I’ll reply the screenshot of the 3 first chapters!

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My heart hurt just reading the description! And I like it. Girl, sad stories or stories about girls defending themselves are my kind of story! :pleading_face:
I’ll reply the screenshot of the 3 first chapters!

If anyone wants to do r4r just dm me on insta! @simpxzee_
TITLE- Awoken
Genre- Fantasy, drama
Chapters so far -3
Plot Awoken from a 200 years curse, Blaze finds himself battling between revenge and his growing feelings for the one who holds nothing but hatred for him. Will he end his millennium-long battle and find love along the way or lose everything trying?



I love curses and revenge :shushing_face: I’ll reply the screenshot of the 3 first chapters!

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I dmed you insta too! feel free to send screenshots through there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hell yeah, It has a strong MC? I love it :sparkling_heart:
I’ll reply the screenshot of the 3 first chapters!

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Let’s do 3x3? :heart_decoration:

Title: Treasure In You
Author: L.Q. Walter
Instagram: @lqwalter.episode
Genre: Adventure/Romance/Drama
Chapters: 5 (more coming soon, chapters are 9-10mins long)
Style: Limelight
Description: After discovering an old diary she believes will lead her to the location of a long lost treasure, she teams with an unlikely ally: a guy who is downright cocky yet wickedly hot!


I’m down for read4read or shoutout4shoutout on ig :cherry_blossom::heart::cherry_blossom:

My Instagram is

Story link

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Hi,this is my first story, I would love for you to give it a read x
Story title: Blood Betrayal
Chapters:3(more to come)
Genre: Fantasy (Drama & Romance)
Leo knight, a vampire Prince out for blood and revenge but what happens when the discovery of his mate who happens to be human, will his focus shift?
(Male MC🤴🏽-Male LI❤️-LGTBQ🏳️‍🌈).
Instagram: k.blue_epi
Story link:

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Sure! I’ll follow you now! :two_hearts:

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I love vampires and revenge! I’m reading it :heart:
I’ll reply the screenshots of the 3 first chapters!

if anyone is up for a r4r i’m down😼.

Title: Heart of Thirst

Author: epi.jesss (thas my insta too)

Chapters: 3 (ongoing)

Style: Limelight

Genre: Romance

Description: you’re the baddest in the city and never let no one get in your way. That is until you met Deja. Crazy for your love and thirsty for your heart. [LGBTQ+LL+DRESSING CHOICES]

Link :

Cover Photo :

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I f*cking love adventures stories!! :yay:
I’ll reply the screenshots of the 3 first chapters!

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Let’s do R4R!! I like to be like the bad and tough girl :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’ll reply the screenshots of the 3 first chapters!

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bet😼i’ll send yhu ss when i finish !

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I’ve followed you :cherry_blossom::heart:

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