Promoting My New Story: The XO’s (NOW OUT!)


These amazing covers were made by the equally amazing and talented @versearrow

I’m Finally releasing my first story “The XO’s” Next week! I have been working on this story for a very long time and had a few challenges with my computer, job, and life in general. The story will be released to my beta readers tomorrow and Monday and if they recommend any changes I will fix them during the week.


Card made by @molly247

The story follows Mae has the groups journey as a singing group breaking records and dealing with their stardom. Has Drama, Comedy, and Romance

Story includes:
Art Scenes
2 Love interest (Male and Female)
Advanced Coding
Full Visual CC
Many Mini Games
Choices Matter


Mae is the main MC and she is a 20 year old, Japanese native :jp:

Side Main Characters

Hani is a 23 year old South Korean native :kr:

Krystal is a 22 year old Thailand native :thailand:

Raina is a 23 year old Vietnam native :vietnam:

Victoria is a Afro-Korean (African American and South Korean ) South Korean native :kr:

All of those custom poses were made by @Lin.Steeles

Character Moodboards:

Special thanks to:
For all of your support!!

And special thanks to:
@amelial and @Lady_Cannella for the art scenes


Timed Chapters!
I timed my first 3 episodes and they range between 10 minutes 2 including Visual CC and mini games

Even thought this setting is in Mainly Korea and it’s a kpop group the songs and words are in English, some parts are in Korean and their will be readermessages

All songs are either written by my friend or has changed wording

Beta Reader Comments:
-Best of luck with your story (: I think I should also mention how much I loved the friendship between the girls!!! Not many stories focuses on that aspect of MC’s life I really appreciate it <3

-The plotline is also very unique!!

  • I adore all of the different cultures and characters in this story!! they’re all so unique, and it’s lovely to see some asian representation on episode!!

Read 4 Read Link:

My story is now out and you can follow my Instagram for sneak peaks: Makayla.Reed.Episode

Story Link:


omg, can’t waitt!! :pleading_face:

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aah so handsome :scream::star_struck:

I cannot wait for the release!!

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Oooh youpi!! I can’t wait to read it :)) :cherry_blossom: :exploding_head:

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it looks amazing.

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I can’t wait to read it :hugs:

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Your character edit requests were rly fun to make! I can’t wait to read this story!!

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OMG so sorry I forgot to mention you!! Thank you so much!

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Love this!!! These covers the mood boards so cute!!! Excited to read!!!

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i can’t freaking waitt!!!


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bumpp, Im excitedd :sneezing_face:

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oooh congrats!! I am so excited to check this out :kissing_heart: and if you ever need another art scene just lmk and I’d be happy to help

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Update! My beta readers will receive the link to start beta reading tomorrow :heart::partying_face:

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I’ll definitely check it out!

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Update! Sending the link to my beta readers now.