Promoting my ongoing story!

Hey guys!

I thought I would pop this little post together for anyone looking for a new romance story to read!

Title: Beauchamp Academy
Description: Sent to a behavioural boarding school, Isla’s desperation to leave results in rebellion, but will she tame her ways when sparks fly with a fellow student?

Episodes: 5
Female MC, One LI (male/female option), Choices Matter, Point Systems, Boarding School Setting

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Congrats on publishing, love the cover art :smile: I’ll check it out right now!

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Hey, thanks! It’s been out a few months now, but just updated today and thought why the hell not make a thread! :joy:
Bless you! Hope you enjoy it :heart:

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Congrats on publishing :two_hearts:

Hey, that’s a good description!

Was the story’s Originial LI branch written in? Is it orinally the male or the female?

Thanks! :blush: There isn’t an original gender LI branch, there was always going to be a male and female LI, so they are their own people with their own, different back stories, obstacles and ambitions, their branches are written independently to fit who they are.

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Great, thanks!!

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You’re welcome! :blush:

Hi, thank you for this thread!

I would love a R4R with you. I have 3 episodes out. Here is my link.

Love the art cover :crazy_face::two_hearts:🫶🏽

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Thank you! The gorgeous art is done by Georgetarts :blush:

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are you interested in r4r?

Hi, nope, sorry, at this time I am unable to do R4Rs as I haven’t got the time in my day, I have to re do a lot of work that I lost recently when a site I used was taken down, I also have my writing to do, plus commissions and my day to day life obligations, unfortunately that isn’t leaving me with time to read.

Bumppity Bumpage :crystal_ball: :blush:

Can we do r4r and g4g dear?