Promoting my OV contest story : Heartis, true iris (first story, opinion welcome)

Hello fellow Episodians!
I’m Max, nice to meet y’all. This is my first time sharing a story on Episode, and I would love to know what you think!
You’ll find my story here: Heartis, true iris.

Title : Heartis, true iris
Author name: Max Blackwell
Genres: LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Mystery
Description: Autistic freshman at NCY (National College of Yvet), you’re still waiting on your Hearting Out: your iris changing from grey to Blue or Pink, finally making you a Heartis. Will you be able to navigate college as an autistic freshman, while unveiling the truth behind a mysterious poem and your own identity?
The main idea for this story was to use the Heartis as an allegory to discuss gender roles and trans identity (binary and non-binary). I also explore having autism in college, and finding your own path!
Chapters published: 3, Episode 4 coming on the 30th of July :blush:

Fun fact! It was inspired by Osamu Tezuka’s Princess Knight.

Since this is my first story, I would love to know what you all thought, and how I can improve it!


here’s my OV entry if you want to check it out! It’s WLW. I will gladly do R4R’s!!

Title- OV: Kiss and Don’t Tell

Genre: LGBTQ+

Description: A “kiss” now has the potential to ruin your entire life. Can you learn to accept yourself and figure out who is targeting you?
I’m reading OV: Kiss and Don’t Tell. Check it out: Episode Writer Portal


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Am in for R4R too
OV: The King’s Choice
Description: you fall in love with a prince who’s to marry a virgin bride in other to ascend his late father’s throne, one problem, you’re not a virgin, will you survive the Palace troubles?

Title: OV: Acing Life

Genre: LGBTQ+

Description: A group of friends learning to go through the motions of life while at the mercy of an oppressive society that looks to bring them down.

4 mcs, 1 Li (For one of the main characters), choices

Story link: OV: Acing Life

IG link: @kacey_16_episode