Promoting my stories The White Skulls

Hello everyone my name is Faith and i am a author on episode interactive, i have six stories published and here i am trying to promote them more. I am open for a read for read or a shoutout! Lets get together and help out this community
Here is my work

Top to bottom is the order, you can read each as a stand alone but it makes more sense to read it from start to finish, It starts out with not the best grammer and coding but trust me the more you read my work the more you will see improvement. I am yet to go back in revamp it all. I hope you consider reading my stories!


Hi My name is Millky My story is called Dark sparrow and I’m willing to do reads for reads Genre: Dark Romance/Drama Story:Marcy is determined to fulfil an engagement with a man for power but will his brother ruin it all? It has 7 episodes but by the end of this week.Will have 10!
I’m willing to do read for read.

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Hiii I’d love to do r4r :heartpulse:
Description: A glitch in the system causes two strangers to realize that the world isn’t what they thought it was. Together, they try to discover the truth, and what’s real.
Link: Episode Writer Portal