Promoting my story "A Heartbreak Century (Limelight)", promote yours too, R4R's

hey guys!! :hugs:

I just published my 2nd story which is called “A Heartbreak Century (Limelight)” :heart_eyes: I also have an ink version out (for a year now). I worked so hard on these chapters so I do really hope you will like it :blush: and yeah, my heart is beating like crazy because I was so nervous… :sweat_smile:

You can also promote your stories. I am also willing to do r4r’s - even if we already did one in the past, we can still continue to read if we haven’t already! :smiley:

My story name: A Heartbreak Century (Limelight)

Author Name: Samantha

CC: YES! you can also name the 3 most important characters

Style: LL

Genre: Drama

Completition status: ongoing, currently 7 episodes

Quick summary: my story is based on true events. so no judgement! it raises awareness on so many sensitive topics and sends out a powerful message! :pray:t3:
“Your whole life consists of heartbreak, betrayal and bullying. But what happens when you fall unconditionally in love with your biggest bully ever?”

Instagram: samantha_episode__


I hope you will like my story! feel free to leave your thoughts either via PM, on my insta acc (DM) or in the fanmail :blush:

thank you and lovely wishes,

Samantha :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Author Name: SRS
Story Title: Target
Genre & Style: Mystery & Limelight
Description: Your mom was murdered and you were belived to think is was innocent. Nothing more. However when murder cases start to appear in your new city, you know that you are his next target. Will you and Jace Carson be able to find out who is the murder in time or will you die with proof? Family secrets, lies, and betrayals awaits you.
CC, LI, Choice Matter



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Deadly Secrets

A vampire loves her. Her best friend’s a Werewolf. Her parents? Magically royal. Only one thing. Delilah doesn’t even know. Her world, is not as she knows. Will she accept fate?

Lost Summer Love

Crazy love. Wacky friends. Unnecessary drama. How will Evan and Sierra make it through this crazy thing called, life

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I’d love to do a r4r :blush: PM/DM me to get started

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I read two episodes of your story!!
Here’s my opinion:-
The story is good I find it interesting and I want to know how her life will change

I hope you will read my story and give me your opinion :cherry_blossom:
Title : Arty’s life
By : flare
Link :

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Wait, your IG is Samantha_Episodee right? Or are you another Samantha?

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no, I am samantha_episode__ :blush:

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Ohhhh I was following a Samantha from before so I didn’t know who it was :grimacing: sorry! I’ll DM you on there then


thank you for reading :blush::heartpulse: - and well, the story isn’t about her friends, it’s about MC’s rather tragic school life :sweat_smile: I will read your story too once I finished some other r4r’s and share my thoughts with u :blush:

:warning: side info for everyone please don’t post ss in the thread - dm/pm me them instead :see_no_evil:


haha no problem!! :hugs:


Oh I didn’t know that I will edit it :sweat_smile::cherry_blossom:


no problem - not your fault! :blush:
forgot to mention that there will be some insight about the life of her besties in future eps :blush::heartpulse:


Sry forgot to put r4r but I’m not sure if you’ve read my Lost Summer Love story… if you haven’t let’s do r4r. I’ve already started yours.

Read it in INK style so I was happy you did it for LL style.

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thanks for your message! :blush: I’d love to do a r4r with your story Lost Summer Love! I have 2 other r4r’s before u but I will send you ss. let’s dm/pm each other once we are done with our stories :blush:

Here’s mine:

CC: No

Style: LL

Chapters: 6

Status: ongoing

Genre: action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Instagram: @Kenya.Writes

Description: Lee was taught that emotions make her weak. But when evil targets her home & friends, & she discovers her lost power, she needs to learn how to embrace those emotions to save both.


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Hi! Wanna do R4R with me?:hugs:

Tittle: Agent 66: Born to Kill (CC)
Author: xoRoséxo
Style: Limelight
Genre: Action
Chapters: 3
Description: Agent 66 is an infamous assassin. But when a mission gone wrong, 66 kidnaps Sasha - his possible witness, and sets to discovers the truth before it’s too late.
Instagram: xoroses.episode

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I’d love to do a r4r with you too! DM/PM me to start :blush:

hey! I just read the first two chapters of your story. I will send u ss and my opinion via pm :blush:

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I’d like to do a R4R with you. Here are the details of my story.

I hope you like it, and don’t hesitate to give me your opinion about it (this goes for everyone who wants to read my story). :wink:

Title: First job, second love?
Author: Brenda A.
Genre: Romance / drama
Style: Limelight
Status: Chapter 6 (more coming soon)
CC: No (I’m sorry, I hope you still want to read it :sweat_smile:)
Description: Andrea has believed for years that her boyfriend is the love of her life, but what happens when she gets a job and finds her boss very attractive? Could she control her feelings?

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Hey, I would love to do r4r with you! Hope you’ll read my first story :slight_smile:

Story Name: What You’ve Always Wanted
Author Name: Shronus
Style: Limelight
Completion Status: 4 (more coming, working on 5)
CC: Yes!
General description: Rachel, one out the many who has a complicated secret. Everyone now knows, and her life is turned upside down into the inevitable path of love, trust, secrets, and betrayals.
Cover: I don’t have one yet bc it’s still being made by someone and I want them to take their time…
Genre: Romance / drama? (let me know what you guys think the genre should be)
Story Link:
Insta (follow me if u want!): @shronus.writes

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