Promoting my story and promote yours too ๐Ÿ˜Š(Also I do story reviews)



My last thread got closed so if u want details of this thread go below that I commented :point_down:

Here is the one I made today:

Hey guys so I recently published my new story the nerd and the bad boy and I havenโ€™t gotten a lot of reads yet so I made this thread to promote your story and an opportunity to promote your story too! :blush:

I have some rules:

1. No drama in this thread please
2. When you promote your story, please put the following formatโ€ฆ
-Title name
-Author name
-Cover of your story
-Link of your story
-Number of chapters in your story
-Description of your story

Also I do story review and check grammar so if you want your story reviewed or your grammar checked or if your directing is good or all three just say the password word. BUT if you want your story reviewed or your grammar checked or your directing checked, you have to read AT LEAST one chapter of my story in return :blush: And if u read all three chapters of my story (and of course send proof) you will have a chance to have ur character in my story to have a speaking role (Only if you want your character in my story)AND I will follow you on your account on episode. Also tell me how many chapters of your story you want me to read :blush:

Password: Purple

I will try my best to read all stories that are commented below and replies if u want to your story reviewed but I promise u that I will read all stories

Title Name: The nerd and the bad boy
Author name: Kit Kat
Genre: Drama
Style: INK
Cover of my story: image
Link to my story:
Number of episodes: 3 (More coming soon)
Description of my story: Christa has been bullied all her life. What happens when bad boy Ryan starts to get an interest on her? Read to find out๐Ÿ˜‰

Also if u want your characters in my story:

Here is the original thread to my first one:

Hey guys so im happy to say that my first story is published! :blush: Please go check it out and here is the link to my story;



your characters are on my story so go see where you are :relaxed:

And all the others who signed up to be one of the backround characters, your characters will be on my story soon. Thank you for being patient everyone and I hope you guys read it. And dont forget its not to late tosign up to be a charcarcter.

Tagging people who would be interested;

People who made my splashes and covers

@meadowh @MarieL @rvaleria322
Thank u for making my splashes and covers and background :blush:

People who would soon be in my story

@flamiingeoz @24aya @episode.julie @via_episode @myamore @Peanut @SophieH @BrookieK @ChayChay @lilysmith10 @a.d.episode @YassineCool @Gabalho Your characters will be on my story soon

Tagging other people who would be interested

@Miss.Fatima_Z @kennedy11 @Jade_commenting @Turtle_Cat @NattyGomez
@abygail.bauman @F4NCI @JemU776 @kw.episode @Mimi0829 @Penny2 @Latina


Also I would like to credit @Cassandra_Dean for my profile pic :blush:

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Your character should be in my story soon


Iโ€™ll do a read4read?


Sure whats your story called?


Hale Huna โ€ฆcan you post proof? also, how many chapters do you want to read each?


Like 3 chapters


okay, iโ€™ll get started now


ok and I will post proof


iโ€™m on a laptop so i canโ€™t post proof BUT if you ask me some questions about your story i can answer them to prove i read it?


Ok thats fine


what is your name on the app?


Kit Kat


Click on the link so u could go to it


Just finished it check your fanmail :wink:


Hey itโ€™s Sophieโ€‹:laughing: Iโ€™m just reading your story and I was wondering if you have an Instagram account I can send people to so they can find your story. Iโ€™m going to give you a shoutout because I love the story so far. I pretty much only just started episode one. I hope some people will read itโ€‹:laughing::laughing::laughing: most of my viewers are lgbtq+ but some arenโ€™t and Iโ€™m sore everyone would love your story :blush::blush::blush:


im onto ep 3 now!


Unfortunately I donโ€™t have an Instagram but I would love it if u tell Others to check my story :blush:


Iโ€™m still in episode 2


Thank u for the fan mail๐Ÿ˜Š make sure to tell other people about my story