Promoting My Story Because I Have No Shame

Hey so I’ve published my story a bit ago and I just published the 5th one. They all average at about 1000 lines, I put a lot of work in the overlays and the choices actually make a difference. I hope you read it, it’s full of drama and suspense and I’ve outline the entire plot so once school is over there will be regular updates weekly.
Title: When Time Stopped
Author: Natalie Jade

The story is about three character’s and their unique POV throughout the nuclear apocalypse, from basic survival skills to how to say your last goodbyes to a loved one. Trust me when I say this isn’t some trash story lol (but I guess I’m a little biased)

Here are some highlights from the first chapter:

I hope you read it, also let me know what you think of apocalypse stories in general. Thanks guys! :blush:


Looks great! I’ll check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m about to check it RN

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I actually really like this story! The genre is 100% my cup of tea (I love post-apocalyptic stories :sweat_smile:). And I think that the directing, overlays, backgrounds, and everything really helps set the mood. I also like the change of perspectives. It differentiates the story from other stories like it. I didn’t notice any grammar or spelling errors, myself. I also think that the length of the episodes are pretty good. Not too short, but not too long, either.
Oh! And I also noticed that one of the main characters’ name is Everett, and his relationship with the little girl he finds, is similar to that of Lee Everett and Clementine from the Walking Dead telltale game? I’m not sure if that’s a reference or not, but if it is, that was a fun thing to add to the story :nerd_face:

Overall, I’ve enjoyed it, and I’ll definitely stay tuned for more episodes.

~Brooke Johnson

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Wow thank you so much! That really means a lot. I am familiar with the Lee Everett (funny how it’s the same name) and Clementine story, but when making these characters I actually didn’t think of the Walking Dead duo, maybe subconsciously? :smile: I’ve outlined all the way to the third season, I just have to actually write it lol.

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WOW I will check out your story :smile:

I just timed it and they average at about 15-17 minutes long if that helps!

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Bumping this bad boy cuz I’m desperate <3

I love love love that story!

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Thank my guy! I’m trying to promote it more since soon I’ll publishing a lot more often

On my profile in the app it is one of the few stories I have in my recommend stories.

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That’s so awesome! When did you first find my story? It’s pretty underground so I’d love to know how you found out about it. :blush:

I found it probably a month or so ago (might of been longer ago might of been more recently I’m not certain). If I remember correctly I found it from when you requested a cover from someone a while ago, (I was requesting a cover for one of my stories so that was how I saw it) and it looked interesting. So I decided to find it and read it. As soon as I read the 1st episode or 2 I was hooked!

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