Promoting My Story: Brutal Lies, But also allowing others to promote if they read my story

Hiiii, I’m a new author and I just wanted feedback I would highly appreciate feedback and I won’t hesitate to read your stories too. If there are any reviewers out there I would like an honest review. Glitches,spelling errors, grammar etc. Please let me know, I’d love to read new stories too preferably romance with drama. But I still like comedy and fantasy, the details of my story are down below.

Brutal Lies

Description: Trading your brutal life to have a normal one. But your dream of normal is crushed when he enters it. Now your life is a game of survival and to be honest you’re not winning.

Instagram: shawty_shayla
Genre: Romance
CC: Limited until episode 15 for the plot
Love interest: 1 LI
Author: Shayla
Website link: Https://

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