Promoting my story called Shady

Hey there! My name is Allie, and just recently published a story. I was super excited about it, but it’s not getting as much reads as I was hoping. My story is called, Shady. Read the summary down below!

Walker Shade. One of those names that is instantly recognizable. The way his jet-black hair complemented his icy-cold eyes; he was the definition of a perfect man. I wish I could explain his eyes: how the sound of his voice sped my heartbeat up in a matter of seconds. How his smile sends a shiver down my spine. I fell in love with him. But, love is every bit as violent and dangerous as murder. My heart was the glass; and he let it shatter. Love is like shadow: when you chase it, it runs away. When you turn back and walk away, it follows you.


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Seems great, I’ll give it a read! :smile:

thx sm

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Wanna do a read for read with my story? :relaxed:

Let me know if you’re up to it

Sure! What’s it called?

Great I’m going to read yours later and message you :slight_smile:
It’s called Fantastical: Nature’s Caprices - you can find the link above

Okee thx sm