Promoting my story - DL: Midnight Melody

Hello everyone, today I’m posting to share with you my Double Life entry! :heart:

Here is my story!

Title: DL: Midnight Melody

Author: Superstar

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 8 (ongoing)

Description: Waitress by day, performer by night. Will you manage to fulfill your dreams of becoming a singer when you’re too afraid to show yourself to the world? (CC, Point System, F/M LI)

Longer description: Living a double life is not easy… Between working at a cafe at day and performing at “Midnight Melody” nightclub at night, how will you manage the secrets, drama and rivalry that come with both? Will you break out of your shell and show yourself to the world or keep living your secret double life as a waitress and a performer? It gets harder and harder to hide your double life from your friends than you expected, and managing your secret identity at the nightclub becoms almost impossible… Will people discover who you really are and will your friends learn about your secret double life? Read to find out!

What you can find in it:

  • Male/Female Love Interest (you can pick his/her name)
  • Point System
  • Full Character Customization
  • Pick your name and nickname
  • Music and fun performances
  • A troubled double life
  • Friendship, rivalry, secrets
  • And much more…

Style: Limelight



I’ve put a lot of work in this entry, so it would mean a lot to me if you read it, especially because it helps with my motivation and reader engagement of the story! :blue_heart:
I really hope you enjoy it and have fun reading it! If you read it and wanna share with me some screenshots or thoughts of it, share them on Instagram. My Instagram is @superstar.writes! :blush: :heart:

Hope you enjoy it!:heart:


Nice story.
I’ll definitely read it (:

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Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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Gorgeous cover!

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Thank you!:two_hearts: