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Hey, everyone I hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

I have recently published four new chapters of my story

Story : Catch me before I fall
Style : Limelight
Genre : Romance
(which also includes comedy, drama and action )
LI : only one
Choices : not much
Chapters published : 1-26 chapters out now Season 2

If anyone would like to follow me on my Instagram it’s @sun.shine_stories

Description : Zara went through a rough path as a child and have become stronger. Can hot, charming Asher Jones try to change her mind about love? or will he Catch her before she fall’s (Cc/1LI)

With new story cover
along with the link if anyone would like to check it out!

Hi, here’s my first story, (I currently revamped it) also open for R4R and G4G, pm me if interested :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Author: Marysol.Episode :blob_sun:
Story Genre and style: Romance/Drama, Limelight
Episodes: 5 and ongoing :blob_hearts:
Cover made by the amazing @/Emz-illustrations :heart_eyes:

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Title : Craving Your Blood
Genre : Drama/Romance
Lesbian Option
Description : To maintain peace with the humans in town, Diana must pretend to be a normal human being with her worse enemy. Can she handle the hotness and not fall in love, or get killed?
Link Episode Writer Portal
Instagram @joxilove.write

Thanks for the thread! Here are my two stories :heart:

Click here for the LGBTQ+ romance/drama story in INK

Story title: Forbidden Love
Author: Lili Star
Genre: LGBTQ+/Romance/Drama
Amount of chapters: There are 9 chapters revamped for now!
Story description: It’s not easy being forcedly engaged to a prince. Especially not when you fall in love with his gorgeous sister, which is extremely forbidden in your own kingdom.
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Small cover:

Click here for the mystery/fantasy story in LL

Story title: Imaginary Friend
Author: Lili Star
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Amount of chapters: 7 for now!
Story description: Being the most unpopular boy in school, Tyler finally gets himself a friend. A friend with a secret, who nobody claims to see…
Story link: Episode Writer Portal
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Story covers:

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Thank you for the thread
Title Ardent Desire
Story Description : Coleen is just a simple girl who wants to turn her life around. What will happen when a feared leader from the dark underworld put his eyes on her?
Genre : Action
Chapters : 3
Link : Episode Writer Portal

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Your story looks amazing :heart_eyes::two_hearts: Here’s mine:

:sunflower: Title: Salt in The Wound
:sunflower: Full CC for MC, one LI, one ending, points system, impactful choices
:sunflower: Genre: Romance/Drama
:sunflower: Description: Her first love transfers back to her school after a year of not hearing from him. What if they cross paths? Will new feelings bloom? Or will her hatred outweigh these feelings?
:sunflower: Instagram: cerisaro

If you want to see my story cover you can view it here it was drawn by me! :two_hearts:

Story Link:

My story explores - new + old friendships, hard past, moving on, coming of age, first love, family problems and more :sunflower:

Hi, wanna do r4r?

Hi :blush:
Thank you for the thread! :heart:
if you are interested in a Mystery story

Story: Hostel By The River
Genre: Mystery (Romance/Drama)
Style: Limelight
Episode: 8 (ongoing)
Description: You wanted to start over, but everything changed in a way you never planned. You realized you were no longer safe, not anymore. Something terrible is going on around you and your friends. Will you be able to find it? the most important thing is, will you be able to survive?

Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram : @red877.episode

I’d love to promote my story here.

IG: @kikis.stories

Genre: Thriller

“The balance of black and white.”

After a woman’s brutal murder, her ghost returns for revenge. But ambition, betrayal, and tragedy unfold in her quest for vengeance…

Episodes: 11 (ongoing)

Link: Deadly Nightshade

Customization: Limited for the MC. She’s black.

Extra info:
:wilted_flower: Tappable menu
:wilted_flower: Advanced directing (overlays, zooms, filters, etc) & points system used
:wilted_flower: Diverse cast
:wilted_flower: NO gem choices other than “support the author”.
:wilted_flower: No romance. (It’s not a major part of the story.)
:wilted_flower: Bonus scenes are free!
:wilted_flower: Sounds/music are heavily used
:wilted_flower: You can also skip heavy/triggering scenes and there are warnings used if there’s no skip option.

Hope you enjoy it!

Hi! Thank you for making this thread.

Title: Twisted Hearts

Description: Scarlet thought she had “the perfect life” until her husband passed away. She moves to a new city where she meets two handsome men who fight for her heart. Who will win? You decide

Style: LL

Genre: Drama

Status: 11 Chapters Published, Ongoing

My insta: @safi.episode

URL: Episode Writer Portal

Author: Madelyn McDowell
Genre: Drama
Plot: Congratulations you graduated high school.Now it is time for you to go to college and get a job. However for you it will be harder. Will you succeed?
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Includes: character customization.

:open_umbrella: Story: Worlds Apart
:open_umbrella: Genre: Drama
:open_umbrella: Episodes: 10
:open_umbrella: Style: Limelight
:open_umbrella: IG: @starluna.epi
:open_umbrella: Description: Abby lives a quiet life with her parents until there is a conflict between them and they go their separate ways. Will you be able to understand the fate of the girl?

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hi wanna do r4r?

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Sure, let’s text on DM about it. :cherry_blossom:

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Hi there!

Here are my story details:

Title: Luminesce
Genre(s): Fantasy, adventure, drama
Episode chapters: 9 (will be completed with 10)
Style: Ink
Link: Luminesce on Episode
Description: Against all odds (and rules), Nimue embarks on a journey across the galaxy to be with her soulmate. Will she ever find her way to him?

Story Covers

These wonderful covers were made by @/agatha_draws on instagram.

If you’re not sure this story is for you, I’ve posted some old reviews (fanmail and other feedback) I got on it on this thread:Luminesce - a fantasy adventure between the stars✨, so that might give you a better impression of the story :wink: Unfortunately you can’t comment on the thread anymore as it’s been archived, but if you have any feedback or just want to chat about it or anything else, feel free to message me here or on my instagram: @writer.trishagold. That’s where I also post updates and more Episode related content (edits, tips & tricks, etc.).

Happy reading! :kissing_heart:

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Hey guys :wave:
I entered the Fabled challenge with “FABLED: The Cat And Aphrodite

A cat falls in love with a man. With the help of Aphrodite she might get him… depending on your choices. Story with a moral, as a fable is (CC, choices matter, different endings)

Give me feedback please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


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Hi wanna do r4r?

Hi dear wanna do r4r?

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Here is my story
Story name Ash To Ashes
DescriptionAsh, the girl who seems as innocent as a flower to others yet is as deadly as a viper, will she find love or follow the life that was planned for her?…
Genre Action
Author Kelsey…

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