Promoting my story: "Hard to Resist." --- Love, passion and mystery

:heart:Hi! If you love romance, passion, but also mystery, don’t miss it! :heart:

Title: Hard to Resist
Author: Amanda Schaeffer
Genre: Romance/Drama/Mystery
# of chapters: 27, more coming soon!
Languages: English/Spanish (separate versions)

Instagram: @amanda.schaeffer.episode

Description: “You rebuild your life and become a renowned entrepreneur. But a love from the past reappears in your planned life…Will he be the only one interested in conquering your heart?” // “Rehaces tu vida y te conviertes en una empresaria de renombre. Pero un amor del pasado vuelve a tu planeada vida. ¿Será el único interesado en conquistarte?”



I can’t really read much episodes atm but your plot is really good and your cover is mind blowing
Who made it

I will definitely read it :heart:

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Hi! My cover was made by @_ellien, you can find her on Instagram.
She is super talented! Definitely worth working with her! :smile:

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Hope you like it! :grin:

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heyyy if you’d like to do a r4r with me, I can send the dets, If not I’ll still read your story! It looks interesting :))

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Hi! Yeah, we can do that . :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
:smile: thanks for your support! I can’t wait to “read” your opinion!

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here’s my story link:
Sea of Secrets