Promoting my story, HATE THE PLAYER, Episodes 6-10 πŸˆπŸŽ€

I just dropped episodes 6-10 of my story, Hate the Player! If you’re in the mood for a drama-packed story filled the twists and turns every episode, check it out!! :two_hearts:

Title: Hate the Player
Author: kaetlan
Story Description: Between the state cheer competition and Homecoming, your junior year was supposed to be normal. That is, until one small change flips your entire life around. *CC-MC & LI! 2 LIs!
Longer Description: You’re in your junior year of high school and think you have it all- cheerleader status, a best friend, and awesome teammates. That is, except Taryn Saunders- your ex-best friend, major annoyance in life, and girlfriend of your arch nemesis. After a surprise change to your States line-up, your whole life gets shaken up. What’s to happen now that Taryn hates you, your team is divided, your nemesis is back in your life, States is depending on you… and you’re hiding a major secret?
Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: 10 (ongoing)
Link: Episode Writer Portal


Would you like to do R4R with me?

Sure! DM me the info :blush:

Name Prophecy of doom

How many chapters would you like to do?

How about 6? I’ll start reading yours & DM you screenshots!

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I’d appreciate that :blush:

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Iv read 3 chapters and finished the rest today :blush:

I like to do r4r with you if you like :blush:

Hi y’all! I just released episode 11 of my story, Hate the Player!! Feel free to promote your story, too!! :blush: :football: :ribbon:

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