Promoting My Story; My Secret Profession!🤩 Possible R4R?

OMG My Secret Profession is COMPLETE!!!:sob::sparkles:

Please do NOT use this thread to promote your own stories. This is only to promote mine as well as asking for R4R’s. Thanks!

:black_heart: This story started off as a mild drama with no clear end in sight, but somehow spiraled into a web of lies, deception, betrayal to fit into the thriller category and I love it! This is why I’m a fan of creating a brief plot, but letting my ideas come to me as a write, because it created this amazing (in my opinion) work of art that I’m so truly proud of.

:sunglasses: I’ve edited the entire story, added hair and lip CC, and finished with 6 different endings that YOU get to choose!

:black_heart: It would mean so much to me if you’d read it and give me your feedback! I’m a very small author with less than 2.5k reads across all 3 of my stories. Also let me know if you come across any errors, especially in episode 10. I reread it about a hundred times, took a break to edit the entire story, then reread it again a couple more times so it’s possible I still overlooked something :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

My Secret Profession by KylieJay
“Raelynn’s life spirals when a tragic accident leaves her and her brother, Ryson, orphans. Little does she know, it was because of a grudge from 30 years ago…and she’s next.”
Thriller Genre
10 episodes - COMPLETE
6 Endings

Cover created by me, you can view my art shop here.

If you want to R4R, send proof of how many episodes you’ve read FIRST and then I will read the same amount for you (up to 10 max)! I’ve been ghosted too many times :hugs:

R4R List:


Congratulations on your story :blush:
Are you doing R4R?

Thank you!
Sure, we can do that. Do you want to do 10x10?

I wish i couldd! But I just publish my story and only have 4 episodes right now!

That’s fine! Send me the link to your story awhile :blush::heartpulse:

Here :blush: I’ll start on yours!

Sounds good! I’ll start reading it now :blush:

Hey, I finished your 4 episodes! I noticed you updated to five while I was reading. If you want, we can change it to a 5x5 once you’re done with my 4 episodes :slightly_smiling_face:

Bump :sparkles:


would love to do r4r with you! :blush:

do you have instagram?

Okay! :blush:
Yes I do! Here’s the link to it.

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i messaged you :wink:

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I would love to do an R4R with you! I love thriller stories so I will gladly read yours first! :hugs:

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That sounds great! :smile: thank you! :heartpulse:

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Just finished!! I honestly have so much to say!


First off, I loved the bond between Raelynn and Ryson! Sibling banter and reliance on each other always gets me soft. I also really liked the motives of each character and their backstories, like how Brenden was determined to get his revenge for a reason. And the twist!! I never expected that, especially the one about Jason!! But in the end, I chose to not forgive Jason but give him a second chance, cause that’s how my heart works lol. I really enjoyed reading your story and it deserves so much more :hugs:

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Oh and here’s my story :>
Title: Two Corners
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 6 and ongoing
Description: Minthy and Seth are two vastly different teenagers - yet somehow get close through their very few similarities. Just another story of first love… right? (No CC)


I’m just gonna read it but I don’t want a R4R.


I love this, thank you so much for reading my story, giving me your feedback and sharing all your screenshots! I have a soft heart as well, so I completely understand :blush::heartpulse:

I will be checking out your story as well, and I’ll send you screenshots when I’m done! (I may take a little bit because I’m trying to finish up another r4r, and I’m also a slow reader anyways, partially because of my children lol :grimacing:)

I will ask though, could you please put your entire comment in a drop down just so there’s not too many spoilers in the open? Thank you! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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Well I appreciate that so much, thank you and I hope you enjoy it!! :blush::sparkling_heart: