Promoting my story/open to r4r/ promote yours

Hi everyone! I’m here to introduce you to my revamped story now call “CAUSELESS”.

It was called " ALL A WAY BACK" before, so, If you ever hear about it let me tell you that I improve it a lot. The plot idea is practically the same but I make the scenes have more sense and added new things.

Here are a few details of my story:


Description: Raina’s life has always been adventurous but flat. Tragedy comes along when her unwanted sister returns, making her life turn upside down. Facing a series of scenarios and decisions she never thought of, Forgiveness and self-discovery will be learning. But, at what cost?

Complete Character Customization.
Genre: Comedy-Drama.
Style: Limelight.

Important: *It is not a romantic love story (but it includes filial, fraternal, personal and friendly love) however, it includes two love interests. You’ll be able to pick who of them you want to end up with, but be aware that romantic love is not part of the main plot.

Also, it’s a slow reading story. The first chapter might not be impacted but it shows how normal and quite a day for the Main Character was.*


If you’re interested in doing r4r: let me know by replying above with your story details, saying you want to do r4r and mainly with the link. We agree on the # of chapters to read and also the proves of it (Ss.)

I’m currently reading two stories from:


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Ooh, I’ll have to go and read 4!

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We already did r4r, love. :hugs::purple_heart::joy:

I know, but I don’t think I read episode 4, or did I? Or yes, I did. Waiting for 5 then.

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Episode 5 is available now! :hugs:

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