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Thank you so much! I was really torn between whether to do CC or not. But I had a clear vision of the characters so I wanted to keep them how I saw them. But I really appreciate your feedback!


Author name - Bear
Description - Follow Melly and her friends in their senior year. No one said it wouldn’t be eventful. Especially when Savvy turns up. Families ey!
Genre - romance/comedy
Instagram - episode.bearbrookes88
More episodes coming soon currently on episode 6



Thank you as well <3
If you enjoyed reading my story, I just released episode 6!
It’s the best one so far!


Title : Die For You
Author : Bicanka
Episodes : 3 (More episode coming soon)
Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Style : Limelight
Description : A young witch is in a big trouble. She has to fight for her family, and for the love. Vampires, and demons are in her way.
Link :
Instagram : episode.bicanka


Hi :smiley: intresting story, would you like to R4R?
If you would like to, do you want 1/1 or 3/3 :slight_smile: (we screenshot in the reply over here.)


Hi! :blush: Yes, i’m in! 3/3


I’m busy right now but I will eventually after! I’ll screenshot you.


Pencil: Treasure T.V. M.D. Jackson. Writer: God.
My stories contains blacks, white people, Asians, asexual, and aromatics etc.

Some are diverse, some are on their ways to be.

I have plenty of stories, so… Um, i need to leave a link to more but here are some of the few I have.

Mega Pray
Melanie is a little girl who was abandoned on the doorstep of a woman by the name of Eruwaedhiel. When she turned six, she finds her way into a hidden world that she’s never known.

Lula and Sarah (…With MY FRIEND)
Micheal and Amora adopt two little girls…Little did they know that this would be…the hardest thing they’ve did their entire lives…

Come read my stories!!!

Share them to promote me in readers, please! I’d really appreciate it!

Can You See Me?
At eight weeks old, Paisley’s parents died, and then she was given to her sister who was NOT the most excellent choice…

Angels. Fairies. Pirates, and Genies.
A Genie is impregnated by a cruel snobbish man, when she finds his other woman/future fiancee running from a shifty man and his two guards. Will she save her? NOT A LOVE-TRIANGLE

College Days: College Days
Join Four college students in their journey to new and better start in life, one’s doing it for the future one’s doin’ it for a baby? How will YOU Direct their paths, Will you decrease them or empower them in their journey to a better life!!?!
Enjoy this sneak peak into my contest entry for (ALL STYLES) the College Days contest, I’m sure you’ll love them!!!

“BOTH!?” Is Just My Style…
Story Type: Episode | Story Style: Both!??!
Just My Style…
“BOTH!?” Is Just My Style…

One’s INK, The other’s Classic, Together…
Aren’t they just the perfect couple!?

Daddy, and me.
Covers by: EM❤️EPISODE


He is an angel, and she is a little girl with a big mouth.
When demons hunt them and troubles arise, will they make it together?
Read to find out.
Paranormal, Angel, Elementals, Elemental, Fairy, Water, Fire, Earth, Plant, Plantae, Air, Wind, Love, Daughter, Father

Lola’s father was always antisocial. He hates everybody. He only loves his daughter Lola, then he shoots a black man, and now it’s all up to Lola find out why her father is crazy.

In a kingdom, Fairies were forced to listen to angels or be eaten or killed.
What is going to happen to Confiance Shinyflip when she decides to run away from one?

Colorism and Bad pasts have divided these 2 Kingdoms terribly, But, a woman meets a man outside of their expectations.

This is story called: “Dangerous Fire”

Fantastical: No Longer Slaves
Everyone just got out of “slavery,” children are teenagers, Most of them have been converted… But, has everyone healed?

Wattpad stories: Free reading period that I may or may not have control over I don’t know


I read your story and i love it! :blush:
I like this black rock style! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much <3
I also enjoyed yours too :slight_smile: I’m looking forward reading it as you release more episodes.


Hi! I would love if you read my new story "Once Upon A Time…[LIMELIGHT]"


Would you be interested in doing a R4R with my story?
My story:
Author: Miss. JD
Title: What Did I Do?
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action
Style: Ink
Episodes 10 (and more to come)
Danger. Passion. Love.
Dani hasn’t had an easy life and it turns upside when an unfortunate accident causes her to get caught up in the mafia world with a mafia leader. Will she be able to survive this life or will she be stuck watching her life slip away? Drama, action, romance


1/1 or 3/3? :slight_smile:
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3/3 is fine! Thanks! I will add it to my list now!


Okay, I need to refill my passes first then I’ll screenshot you once I’m done reading :slight_smile:


I’d love to do a R4R with anyone! I can post screenshots when I’m done.

Author: Bex King
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Status: Ongoing
Episodes: 12
Description: After a life of holding back her anger Ronni snaps, capturing the attention of her enemy. Love could lie ahead for the two, but will the secrets they discover keep them apart?
Instagram: storiesbybex




Hiya! I’d like to R4R with you.
1/1 or 3/3 and we screenshot here in the reply :).


3/3 is good with me. I can read first and post my screenshot?


Hiya! Done 3 :slight_smile:



Hello, I’ve just finished the first 3 chapters of my first story it’s called “Understanding My Mothers Past”.

Description: Based on True events. Isabelle is going through some difficult times, so her mother inspires her to be stronger by reminiscing about the past…from what she remembers.

Please give it a read i would really appreciate it,
Thank you.