Promoting my story... promote yours here too!

Hey all. A few days ago I published my story, I worked day and night in it and it would mean the world if you could check it out, even if it’s just the first episode :slight_smile:
Here’s the information,
Story: Dangerous Desire
Genre: Action/drama
Episode count: 4, more coming soon
Description: Mia’s future has been planned before she was even born. Will she fulfill her destiny? But more importantly, is she prepared for the war that’s about to come?
instagram: @yaz.writes

Title: And in time…
Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance with some fantasy, but is mainly romance.
Summary: With a haunting past and a stale present, will she be able to bring you out of the dark you have succumb to? Or will history repeat itself?

Here’s a link if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Instagram ~ @atreus.writes xx

Hey, I have 3 episodes out (more coming soon)

Title: She Controls Love

Author: Lilz.epi

Insta: Lilz.epi

Genre: Drama but it has Romance as well

Style: Ink

Description: Who would’ve known that a game of Truth or Dare would change Brianna Lopez’s life for good.
Lust, love, lies and betrayal awaits.

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