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Hey everyone!!! I recently wrote a new story, called Queer: The Queer Kids :rainbow_flag: And it would mean the world to me if you guys could check it out and leave any comments about what you think. I’d also love it if anyone could take their time to review my story! And you guys can all promote your stories here, I’d love to give them a read!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Title: Queer: The Queer Kids
Author: irregular shape
Instagram: @irregular.shape.epi
Description: People are going missing in a high school and it’s up to you to solve the mystery. Throw in a HOT new friend, a murderous gang and a mysterious necklace too, and you’ve got yourself a very sticky situation! CC, CHOOSE GENDER, POINTS, MINI GAMES
Style: Limelight
Chapters : 3, more coming soon
Instagram: @irregular.shape.epi

Feel free to drop your stories here too!!!


My sister and I wrote a story together called Three Empty Words. We would love if you’d check it out, it just got released yesterday :)) We don’t have an instagram yet but we were talking about making one, so if you have any feedback or you want to say something else feel free to reply to this post!
Oh and episode 4 will be released soon, we’re just waiting for a background to be approved.
Title: Three Empty Words
Style: Ink
Genre; Drama


Here is my story I’d be so happy if you read it

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My story
Title: Act of Vengeance
Author: Rosenspitze
Style: Limelight
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Description: 1926: A hazardous situation and the shadowing of a girl have one thing in common: the death of your friends. Your plan - finding the murderers & taking vengeance. The hunt begins!
Instagram: rosenspitze.episode

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Heyy! :heart: I would really appreciate if you give my story a try
Name: Me Or He?
Genre: Romance/Drama
Author: Angel
Style: Limelight
Lenght: 9 chapters out (more to come)
Plot: Avery is a very smart girl with a BIG dream to one day work at her father’s firm. She comes from a well-known family of lawyers in the city and because of that, she was basically locked up her whole life. She had to be that perfect daughter in front of outsiders: good clothes, good looks - everything to keep that image of being wealthy and successful. But one day her patience cracked. She stood up for herself and her father gave her a deal - she gets her freedom and her dream job, but in return she has to remain being perfect and study even harder to be a good employee. So how hard can it be to stay the same when she was “perfect” her whole life? Turns out it’s way harder, because ever since she acepts the deal, all sorts of bad stuff starts happening to her. And on top of that, hot, mysterious and very arrogant guy, the son of daddy’s biggest enemy, always ends up crossing her path.

Instagram: @angell.stories

Here are the details for mine and @Danielle318 's new story, Queer: The One

Story Link:
Description: Follow Detective Hudson who has spent their life trying to put their family’s tragic history behind them until a new serial killer threatens to uncover the past. M/F MC, 4 LI, CM
Author: Elle
Genre: Mystery
CC: Limited
Choices matter and there are multiple points systems!
My Instagram: @eliseclairmont.episode

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Hey guys this is my first story
I need yr support and live for this too
My Instagram acc: indigo.episode
I will love it if you wrote comments in fanmail too

name; allergic to love

genre; action/ drama
author; thequeen1000
style; ink, I’m making a limelight version
length; 4 chapters, I have more coming within the next few days
Plot; Leo is about to be the head of his family’s mafia. He runs the operation with the help of his 4 of his best friends, he lives the high life, with girls, drugs and partying, everyone in town knows not to cross him until he’s killed, you get to go back as try and change Leo’s fate while finding out secrets about the other characters, Your actions could change people’ relationships as well.

Cover cover for ep

Thanks for the thread! Here’s mine…

Title: Shado
Author: Roy
Description: After tragedy, Roy returns to civilization a changed women. She begins her crusade, determined to put things right, with the help of her trusted people,waging a one-woman on crime
Instagram : roy_episode
Style: Ink
Chapters: 7 and ongoing


hey ya congrats on ur story and good luck for the contest here’s my story i just released it yesterday.

Story Name : Necromancers (LL)
Chapters Available: 3
Eve and Zeke are the last Necromancers. Demons ravel. Truths to be told. One big mistake can change everything in a few seconds. Remember it’s just the beginning of the end…
Choices: Yes a few matters to determine the relationship with LI and mini fights.
CC: Limited

Please read my story
Name: how i met a millionaire
Author: khushboo
Genre: romance
Episodes: 4(more coming soon)
Storyline:After getting her heart broken, she tried to move on but ended up finding about her past unaware of what her future holds.
Ig: g_.episode

Here’s my story!

Title: I’m No Stranger
Author: Briana M.
Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama
Description: Adrienne, a mixed girl, struggles to find her purpose and identity in the world. To complicate things even more, a bad boy wants her, and someone is out to destroy her.
Instagram: brianam.stories

Heyo! Here’s my story!
Title: Monster Castle
Author: Tabitha Williams <3
Genre: Horror
Description: You saw a video of the Monster Castle. You also won the contest but, was
this all an evil plot?
Instagram: @twes2363.episode


Heyy everyone

Chapter 5 is out from my story The God Slaves. The story contains many religious and magical elements. If you like to read fantasy this might be a story for you :wink:

Ow and the story remains choices, games and sounds and is made in LL.

I hope you will give me a chance by reading my story.

Story Name: The God Slaves
Story Description: You live a quiet life, but on your 18 birthday everything changes. You end up in the dark fantasy world of Daemonium, where everything you ever believed turns out to be wrong.
Story Cover:

Instagram Handle: lidezutt.episode
Episodes: 5
Style: limelight

If you like my story, you can always follow me on Instagram: @lidezutt.episode

Love you, guyss :heart:

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Hi, i would be happy if you can check out my new story! I have just published earlier today :slight_smile: x

I can do a rfr too!! Just let me know if you’re interested hehe

Story Name : Simply Guilty
Chapters Available : 10
Description :

Revenge is the only thing Don Kaiser has ever known. With a dark past and a crime empire he has now, nothing can stand on his way.
He’ll wipe out the entire bloodline. Or will he?

Link :

Choices : Not as much :pleading_face: mostly outfit choices because the storyline is fixed :blush:

CC : Yes!! (It’s limited though)

Cover :

Thank you so much for taking your time to read, my ig is new @epiangie , feel free to talk to me x! :smiley:

I am promoting my new story Dancing On Thin Ice.
Discription: Living in the codlest place on earth, your dream always was to become a figure skater. What happens when you meet just the right person to help you achieve your goals, but his son gets you in trouble?

It’s a story with main theme the dream hunting of the MC to become a professional figure skater.
A beautiful love story is slowly unfolding, between two people with hard past, trying to restore their faith in humanity.

I really hope you’ll enjoy the story, if you’re intersted in reading it here’s the link:

You can also find the story by writing the title on the search bar in the app.
Tag me in your screenshots and let me know your thoughts on my Instagram: yiota.episode

:blob_hearts: I’d really appreciate it you could check out my story I just published!
I’m down to do R4R’s :blob_hearts:

Title: The Devine :butterfly:
Author: :fairy:GirlyGhoul :vampire:
Genre: Fantasy :dizzy:
Description Purple eyes & supernatural powers. You’re just trying to live a normal until a Demon comes to take you to Hell & you find out an Archangel is trying to kill you.
CC: Yes! But some characters eye colors are locked :relaxed:
Instagram: girlyghoul.episode
Episodes: 3 so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is my new story!
Title: The Roommates Agreement
Author: Tyra Moore
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Description: What happens when you are made to share a room with someone unexpected? Will you fall in love or will you feel nothing but hate for each other?
Instagram: tyrastories

The small cover for my story hasn’t been completed yet, but this is the large cover.

That’s my story.
I would totally appreciate it if you gave it a try! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

The Gifted
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Author: Anyi E. / insta: @episode.anyi.e
Style: Limelight
Length: 5 chapters out (more episodes coming soon)
Story description:
Being gifted or not decides whether you live a sheltered life or struggle getting from one day to another. What happens when these worlds are mixed up? (Choices/4LI/LGBT+/limited CC)


Hello and thank you for this thread! I recently published a new story and I was hoping some of you would give it a read!

Story title: She’s Mine

Episodes: 4 (ongoing)

Instagram: @litzyepisode

Short description: After a failed relationship, Ximena gives up on the idea of dating. That is until she meets Ethan, a sweet guy who she meets out of the blue. Will she end up falling for him?


Anyways thank you very much and hopefully you all give it a read! And have a great day