Promoting My Story/ Promote yours

Hi guys! :smiley:

Thought I would make this thread to promote my story Hidden Behind Lies!

BUT Feel free to promote yours too :slight_smile:

I’m more than happy to do Read for Read with people, However i have been ghosted waaaaaaayy to many times. SO If you would like to do a Read for Read please send me screenshots of however many you have read of my story and I will return the favour!:slight_smile: (I will create a little waiting list as such for this so you can see where i am at) and I will also send you screenshots of how many I have read.

Also If you want a little review on what I have read, Just ask :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a story, Recommend someone else’s story!

SO. Without further ado.

My Title- Hidden Behind Lies!

Genre- It’s Mainly Action, But may Incorporate A little romance.

Description- What happens when your dad has a past and it finally catches up to you? Kept in the dark all your life, the truth slowly unravels…Is it what you expect?

Story link


Waiting List

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