Promoting my story: Salt in The Wound 🌻

Hi! I’ve finally published my story after procrastinating so much ajsjka I’m promoting my first Episode story on here and would really appreciate it if you could read it :revolving_hearts: I hope you’ll enjoy it as well :laughing:

:sunflower: Title: Salt in The Wound
:sunflower: Full CC for MC, one LI, one ending, points system, impactful choices
:sunflower: Genre: Romance/Drama
:sunflower: Description: Her first love transfers back to her school after a year of not hearing from him. What if they cross paths? Will new feelings bloom? Or will her hatred outweigh these feelings?

β€” published on 06/02/2023 β€”

There are some aspects of SITW which are inspired by manhwa I’ve read (;

You can find out more info about my MC and LI on my Instagram: cerisaro

Story Cover:

STORY & ART by me :heart:

Do NOT copy/steal/trace/repost or use my art for AI :no_entry_sign::no_good_woman:

Story Link:

If you have any questions, please just ask below and be kind :two_hearts:

π’πˆπ“π–β€™π¬ π€πžπ¬π­π‘πžπ­π’πœπ¬:
Summer, soft vibes, high school romance, coming-of-age, manhwa (inspo), rom-com, flowers

Some BG characters that appear in Chapters 1-2 belong to:



Congrats for publishing! On my way to read it. :sparkles:

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Congrats on publishing! :hearts:

The art cover looks amazing btw!


Congrats on publishing :two_hearts:


Thank you so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:

Thank you very much! :relaxed::sparkling_heart: I really appreciate it

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Thank youuu :two_hearts::relaxed:

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Adding it to my list rn! :running_man:t4:

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Thank youuu :smile: haha

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I just realized that my previous reply sounded really emotionless lmao but I hope you enjoy it once you read it :sob::joy:

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Noooo, it was fine. :joy:

Edit: I can’t believe you even added my dog to your story! Thank you, it was a pleasant surprise to see. :laughing:

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:sob:Your dog is so cute, I mean I bet she is irl too haha, had to add her the minute I saw her details!

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No, she’s a girl actually lol. :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:

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Why did I only just notice that now despite viewing your carrd for her details :joy: well, she’s defo a pretty doggo for sure

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Congrats again for publishing love, and im so happy to be in your story! Really proud of ya :heart: :heart:

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// note to myself //


stories I still need to read for r4r

Can we just take a moment here and drool over the cover :scream: :exploding_head: :melting_face:

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :sob::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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My mistake. I’d love to read your story sometime though.

Thank you, feel free to read it :grin:

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