Promoting My Story 'The Distance Between Us'

Hello everyone!
I recently starting writing story called ‘The Distance Between Us.’ I just released it and would love for some of you to check it out. This story is meant to bring light to mental health and how it is possible to overcome anything through love and strength.

So far, it only has eight reads, so I’m really trying to promote it. (haha)

Thanks so much for reading everyone! It would mean the world to me if you could check it out.

Katherine <3

Title: The Distance Between Us
Style: Limelight:
Description: ‘All her life, Katie has pushed people away. However, when Katie meets Leon, her world changes forever. Can she learn to forget her past and finally forgive herself?’
A story about redemption, coming-of-age, and finally forgiving yourself through the love and support of others.
Instagram: storieswithkatiereid

Thanks so much!

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