Promoting my story The quest: A warriors blood

THIS IS NOT A R4R, I am promoting my story The Quest: A warriors blood! If you like fantasy, mythology, romance, comedy and decent directing my story has got it all
Title: The quest: A warriors blood
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Nova has been warned not to question the prophecy but what happens when she’s forced to waken it to save the universes not easy, is it? Especially when there’s a traitor on board! Could it possibly be you…

Enjoy! Feel free to leave feedback! :purple_heart:


Hey! I just came up with a way for you to promote your story. If interested, head to this thread and fill in your story details. Hope this can help to increase your story reads.
All the best to you! :heart:

Hey there sorry if I’m being annoying, I’ve published my first story “Forgotten Existence”. I’d appreciate it so much if you could read my story and give me feedback.

Genre: Romance
Author: Andrea Brynn
Style: Limelight
Description: You’ve got married to the man of your dreams unwittingly. Is he certainly yours?

I have mentioned the link of the story below.

Hope you guys like it.

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We can do a r4r?

Are you accepting unpublished stories?

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Yeah sure

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Sure! If links work, you can send yours! Read the conditions first before sending in😄

Hello! Wanna 4x4 r4r with me?
My link: