Promoting my story to reach a 1k reads

Hey, guys. My story ’ Stay Forever’ has reached 921 reads and I would really love it if it reached 1000 reads💞. Hope you give my story a chance
Title: Stay Forever
Genre: Romance**
Author:** Junaha
Instagram: @episode_jun
Style: Limelight
Status: Ongoing (12 chapters released)
Customization: Full customization of both Mc and Li**
Description : When the future heir of Cosa Nostra falls in love with his target , the daughter of an FBI agent, all hells break loose. Will their love be strong enough to last against the differences of their worlds or will they be caught in the crossfire awaiting them ? P:s * Get ready for an emotional ride**

Stay safe and do let me know if you like it :heart:


I’ll read it

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Awww thank you so much💞

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