Promoting my story! You can share yours too <3 *This is not Spam*

Hi! I want to promote my story. I’m sharing it on the forum because Instagram and Episode aren’t enough to get it noticed by a wider audience. I hope this gives it a chance to get some new readers. I have been working really hard on this and hope people will give it a chance. All feedback/reviews are welcome as long as they are respectful.

you can also follow me on IG: @Marerlyn.stories

Title: For Loving You
Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 2.03.41 AM
Author: Marerlyn

Genre: Romance

Description: After being left at the altar, Valerie closes herself to love. What happens when she meets Daniel, who is just as broken as she is. Will they let love set them free or let their pasts haunt them?


This post is not spam. I am just trying to get my story out there.
I don’t think it’s fair to flag my post because like many other authors on here I am merely trying to promote my story as much as I can.


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