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Heyyyy I was wondering if any of you have a chance if you could read. my story
Author: Michaela
Genre: Romance/Drama
There are 7 episodes currently out
More episodes coming soon!
Story style: Limelight/CC
Description : Abigail has always wanted to be apart of the Fab 4, when she loses her chance competition and model with them she’s given a second chance that would either make her or break her career. Will she follow along with what everyone wants or will she break free and live her life how SHE wants to.

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ill check it out. :heart:

I’ll check it out, my ig is pc_episode what is yours?

Can we do a r4r

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sure whats your story


My first story!! Please support me by giving it a shot.

Title Love is always Blind
Author: Rand Nasan
Description: Summer has come and a magnificent trip is on the way, however, would it go as planned? or would life interfere and flip everything upside down?
Style: LimeLight
Chapters: 3 and ongoing



Check out my story :orange_book:

  • Cover of your story.

  • Story Name: Never Look Away

  • By: Melody Lina

  • Genre: Drama

  • Style: Limelight

  • Short Description About Story: New York City a place where everyone is hiding away behind all of their family money. So why does this New York City Socialite want to hide away from the world?

  • Ongoing

  • Customization :Yes

  • Diversity:Yes

Story link:

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I’d be happy to do a read for read with you if you like?

Send me a message on here or on Instagram @mollie.stories to confirm it.