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Think of living a life losing both your father and mother at a very tender age, due to greed for wealth and a better position in politics.
Your father’s business affiliate (Mr. Shawn Cole) adopts you after their death and you move to Sydney with them.
Mr. Shawn Cole returns to NYC to take care of your father’s business while you are away.
What happens when you return to NYC.

Title: Act Of Retribution
Author: Nelson
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight


Congrats on publishing! Leaving mine here in case someone wants to read it :eyes:

Title: Entranced Hearts
Genre: Drama
Description: After finally running away, she finds herself in the arms of an old flame. He’s determined to restore what’s been broken. But is that really possible when their past is closeby?

Link: Episode Writer Portal

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A story based on true events. You will have to face the world of discouragement while stepping into your dreams even if most people around you discourage you from achieving them. Do you have enough endurance to face it?

Title: Discreet Dreaming
Author: Tricia
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight
*Mini games, clothing choices, and hair and makeup. I might do full CC once I published.


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I have recently published four new chapters of my story

Story : Catch me before I fall
Style : Limelight
Genre : Romance
(which also includes comedy, drama and action )
LI : only one
Choices : not much
Chapters published : 1-20 chapters out now Season 1 with Early Access

If anyone would like to follow me on my Instagram it’s @sun.shine_stories

Description : Zara went through a rough path as a child and have become stronger. Can hot, charming Asher Jones try to change her mind about love? or will he Catch her before she fall’s (Cc/1LI)

with a new story cover
along with the link if anyone would like to check it out!

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is it publish>

Not yet, but it should be out sooner, once I finished chapters 2 and 3!

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Okay! Can’t wait!

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Hey! Thanks for the thread! This is my new story! It’s romance with drama and fantasy! Vampire’s love story! :heart:
Tittle: Taste Like Drug
Episodes: 11
Author: Theo
Style: LL
Description: You are a young girl, leaving what haunts you behind, starting a new life. But what happens when you meet a hot guy with dark secrets? Dangerous tracks of love comes between you…
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Thank you, in advance! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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Congrats on publishing :sparkling_heart:

Here is my story! I am available to do R4R with anyone interested!

Story: My New Beginning
Author: Shivali
Genre: Romance/Drama
Style: LL
Episodes: 6 - Episode 7 in a few days
Description: Aviana is finally free from her childhood traumatic life. She is starting fresh to find her biological mom. Will she ever be able to find love or trust anyone again? LL 1LI
Instagram: @shiv.episode


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Thank you babe! Once I finished the first three chapters, I’ll post the link here!

Hii, I am currently in the progress of writing an Episode Story, called Burst Into Bloom, if you want to check it out, (my episode name is iyanu.writes)

Here is a short synopsis of it:

Charlotte “Lottie” Applevey has just been enrolled into Meruim Academy, and she’s ready to make new friends…

That’s a lie.

She’s already in the school, and she’s got a group of friends by her side, ready for the evil that’s about to plague the seemingly innocent city of Meruim.

In short, it’s a story about:

  • love
  • magic users
  • some sort of war/demonic entities
  • a lot of gayness, as well as many LGBTQ+ characters
  • a whole bunch of drama

Link : Episode Writer Portal

Also, I am currently writing the 10th episode, and I’m way over halfway through writing the series!

Cover (I made it with Canva!):

Thank you,

Thanks for the thread :heart:

Title - His Bodyguard Girl

Genre - Romance/Drama

Episode - 17 (no wait & no gems)

Description - She is gorgeous, courageous and is hired as a bodyguard for Sinclair’s son but there’s a condition: no falling in Love but things get worse when he can’t take his eyes off her.
CC / LL /1 LI

Link -Episode Writer Portal