Promoting my vampire story 'PUREBLOOD' with a female MC vampire

Hey! I’m promoting my story Pureblood, and you can promote yours too!

Story: Pureblood
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mystery
Description: Her kind is believed to be extinct, until she decides to take back what is rightfully hers. When she meets a stranger with a dark secret, will they survive their fatal bond? CC/LL
Status Ongoing
Instagram: @sabsy_episode
Link Episode Writer Portal


Sounds really good! Congrats on your story :blush:


Can we do r4r?

Hi, your story sounds great! I’m up for a r4r if you want. Here’s my story:

Description: After years of inhumane captivity, Shyann escapes her evil pack and enters Howl Hills territory, where a ROYAL werewolf lineage resides… and her mate. Limited CC|LL|Choices


  • Advanced directing
  • Choices
  • Some CC
  • Art scenes
  • Point system


link: Episode Writer Portal

Hey!! I just published a vampire story, too! I’m down for r4r/g4g!

Link: Forever Red

Wants to get your story out there and for more people to notice? We’re here to help :smiling_face::heart_hands:
Anyone who needs story shout-out, review, R4R, edit or overlay, feel free to request from us! Our group page is @episode_.autumn on IG :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:🩷
We would love to help you out! :heart_hands:

Heyyy… actually I am a new episode story writer and I need your help for making my story visible. I need your help regarding story shout-out, review and R4R.

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I’m down for it too… Can I text you on instagram…?

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You can head on over to @episode_.autumn on Instagram to fill out the form and they will do your request :smiling_face:

Thankyou so much :smiling_face::smiling_face:

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Yes! My user is @/kaetlanwritesstuff

I followed you on insta… its :point_down: :point_down: