Promoting new and older stories!

Hey so I had to take months off of writing for school and now being back this summer want to get my stories back out there! Also looking for other people to promote new and old stories! Would love to see some stories I haven’t before! Both my stories are ongoing and would love if some people checked them out!

Story title: Mr. President’s Daughter (I took time off for school but I am back and already updated once getting ready for the next)
Author: Leah
Style: INK
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 31 (4 more next update)
Description: When it is leaked to the world that Taylor Austin is the Presidents secret child all hell breaks loose and there is one hell of a ride to follow. Taylor must navigate trying to find who has it out for her while dealing with the cocky, ladies man her father made the head of her security team Hunter Lockwood. Can they figure out how t be together while the rest of the world seems to want to tear them apart.
Story cover:

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Story title: The Williams Girls
Author: Leah
Style: INK
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 11 (ongoing)
Description: Look in the Williams family through the life’s of the four strong and beautiful woman! Follow Maisy, Tateum, Kaileigh, and Emmerson as they have to navigate everything this life throws at them. Maisy: Watch as she goes through a life no one should have to endure, abusive mother and horrible step-father. Life was never in her favor and there is still so much to come. Tateum: Having the exact opposite life as her mother, popular, cheerleader, only thing she has in common with her mom is their excellence in school. Everything changes when she turns 17 and realizes she is in love with one of her older brother’s best friends. But all they ever seen her as is a tag-a-long. Kaileigh: Life for the most part always seemed easy enough for her but when she enters a relationship with an older, abusive man everything does a 180. Now she is a teen parent, the father is no where near involved and never will be, and a beautiful baby. Emmerson: Always living in the shadows of her older sisters, Tate’s popularity, Kaileigh just wanting nothing to do with the person who took away her baby title. Em just wants to be apart from her sisters, one dance, one night changes it all. Now she has to relay on her brother’s partner to bring her attacker to justice and stop herself from catching feelings… for anyone.
Story cover:

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Tittle: Search for love.
Author Name:
Story Description :Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?
Genre: Drama
Link :


Here’s mine:
Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: Dreamer
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Summary: Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?

Looks great can’t wait to check it out!!

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Looks really interesting can’t wait to look at it!!

I’ll check yours out as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you I appreciate that!! If you read the first I am sorry the first handful of episodes the directing sucks it was my first story!

Oh okay, that’s not bad. Maybe you should redo them when you’re better at directing, many people want good directing or they won’t keep reading

I am now actually, been actually more of the focus on that one lately.

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Hello, we could do a read for read if you want ? :slight_smile:

But first: For a guaranteed feedback fill in the form

Link below :

Here is the description of my story !

Title : Jungle Fever
Author : Maggy
Genre : Romance/Drama
Style : Ink
Number of episodes : 3 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : A bad boy Prince with a lot of ego and a womanizer, gets lost in the middle of the Jungle and meets a fierce African Princess called Maya. Will he handle the change of environment.

Link :


I wouldn’t mind doing that!

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Thank you for creating this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Story title: Best friends forever
Author: Erica Jane
Style: INK
Genre: Drama (with romance and a little comedy)
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Description: 3 long-lasting best friends meet together again, and they welcome a 4th best friend in their group. Together, they face challenges in their teen life. (Customize characters)

Of course!! Your story seems different can’t wait to look at it!

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Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Title: WIld
Author: Niyaa.Epi
Instagram: Niyaa.Epi
Description: A naive, young Amber gets herself involved in a prostitution ring having no idea the turmoil it will cause.
Genre: Drama

Author: luberlangac
Style: Limelight
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Episodes: 3 out, more coming soon
Description: Cleo is in her last year of high school, she’s rich, everything in her life is perfect, nothing is wrong, until Rebecca comes to her life and makes it impossible. Will they two get a along?
Story cover:

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Here’s my story :smiley:

Title: Come close to me
Author: Edera
Instagram: edera.episode
Genre: Drama/Romance
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 21. Fully Released!
Description: You are desperately in love with your best friend Matt. Suddenly, you meet Ian who says he’ll help you to make Matt fall in love with you. Why? The answer will surprise you…

Thanks for reading!

Thanks xoxoxo :blush:

Hi! I’d like to promote my story here :blush::blush: these are the details

Author: Bonnie Dundee

Author Insta: @bonniedundee.epi

Title: Game Of Disguises

Style: Ink

Chapters: 6

Genre: Drama/Action

Brief Description: Two best friends have fun by disguising themselves as other people and attend luxurious and fancy events, but what happens when they find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time?


Thanks for starting this thread!
I’ll check out your stories! Here is my story
If you find the description interesting give it a read.

Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Style: Ink
Genre: fantasy
Number of episodes: 11 (ongoing)
Description: When a powerful young couple steals the Kings most prized possession, it starts a chain reaction that will either destroy their world or return it to its former glory. (two possible endings)
Link: HTTP://
Thank you ! :slight_smile: