Promoting new Story! The New Bay

I published my very first 3 chapters of my very first story on here.

The New Bay

Bay a future queen made a promise to give it her all with potential husbands of her parents choosing. But will she be able to keep said promise?

In this story the main character is a future queen struggling with wanting to be a normal girl. This story is both romance and fantasy, I have a lot of plans for this story. I hope you take the time to read! Thank you

Also feel free to also promote you story here! I will be happy to read your stories!

Hi there!

Are u interested in a r4r?
I’ll definitely check your story if you check mine :blue_heart:

The link:

Let me know!

I will definitely read yours! I will check it out soon :slight_smile:

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Send me as once you’re done, I’ll do the same if I finish first (:

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