Promoting new story : The Prince's Baby (LL)

I’m completely starting over with my stories, revamping them and releasing them all in LL.

The first book to come out is The Prince’s Baby originally titled Hayden and Holly, I am in the middle of writing the first chapter at the moment and I would really like some input in what you’d like to see in the story.

I plan on giving it 30-40 chapters, but I’d love to know if it’s worth writing it, the description is :

Short : After Hollie goes to Light Hollow for a writers holiday to get her imagination back, she falls in love with Prince Hayden who is due to be married…

Long : Hollie Parker is a journalist who wishes to become an author just like her mother and grandmother, but when a trip to Light Hollow to get her imagination goes wrong, she ends up meeting the crown prince and getting pregnant with the heir to the throne…
Can Hollie keep the heir a secret or will Prince Hayden find her and his child?

This is a series, I’m unsure how many stories will be in it, for now there is defiantly two stories, I know that much.

What would you like me to add into it?

I’d really apreatiate your opinion because I haven’t had any in the past.


This seems interesting and I would certainly read this. I don’t really have any suggestion except please don’t make it too cliche haha. You should definitely write this :blush:

Thank you so much

How do I not make it cleche?

you should post it in “promote your story” I believe. :wink:

Thank you so much x

Oh you know… making the characters fall in love like instantly or without a proper conversation. Over exaggerated descriptions and stuff like that.
Please bear in mind that this is merely my opinion and it can be taken with a pinch of salt :smiley:


Ok, I understand

The original version was exactly like that

This version is different because it’s split up

I.e At the end of the story they don’t exactly have the ‘happy ending’ like Ariel and Eric

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