Promoting OTHER's stories! Go read Reckless by MoonFlareStories!

I want to promote not my own story but someone else’s!

There are only three chapters out so far, but the story is fabulous! Often times I’m frustrated by grammar mistakes, errors in coding, etc. and when they occur I lose confidence in the story. But Reckless is fabulous!

There are SO many choices! There were a few in the first chapter but in the second and third there were choices that actually CHANGED the storyline!

Plus, you aren’t just reading a story and clicking over and over. There is a scene where you have to scroll across a storage room and find clickable items! Also, there is a point system, affected by your choices, that unlocks scenes or can be used to purchase clothes in the story! These new outfits would be found in the ‘closet’ for your character, and it’s the best selection of clothes I’ve ever seen! There are different categories, probably a total of thirty outfits, you can change the color of the clothes you are wearing, and change your makeup and hair to match! There’s even a section for new clothes so that when episode releases new outfits, you can see those there!

the best part is that there are no gem choices, so they don’t abuse the author’s ability to have that.

Anyway sorry for the rant lol but I really want to promote this story because I think it was released a couple days ago. If you read it, let me know what you think! I haven’t read stories in forever, but this one caught my eye.

I was looking for a new story to read, and I found this one called Reckless. First off, the directing was fabulous, but it was so advance too! There are scenes where you have to find clickable items around a storage room, choices matter, there are points you gain or lose that unlock special scenes or can purchase outfits, it doesn’t use gems (thank god) and it has perhaps the most advanced character closet I’ve ever seen! I was just so amazed by this story I had to share. Only three episodes are out at the moment, but go read Reckless!!

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Hey ! I can’t find this story, what’s the autor’s name please ?

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