PROMOTING: Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three (Fantasy)

PLEASE note! This isn’t R4R thread.
I don’t need reads like some kind of deal.
If you are interested in reading a new story - then welcome :slight_smile:

Title: Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three

Author name: Elzbiet Zaleski

Genre Fantasy (+ romance/drama/mystery)

Description As Katarina and her family move to the town of Pine Hollow, they find themselves intertwined in a world of supernatural forces; what secrets will rise to the surface?

What you should know about the story? I plan on doing 3 seasons, each around 20-25 episodes.

Why would you read it? Um. Cause iT’s aWeSoMe duh :drooling_face: :crazy_face:
No really, I’m pretty sure my directing is very good if it’s important for you.
MC is not awkward, won’t fall for a gang leader, her teacher or step-brother, she also won’t drool over shirtless guys or get pregnant by the bad boy.
The story contains witches/vampires (scary ones, not sparkling morons) and other fantasy folks.
Chapters won’t get better or longer after 3rd episode, cause they are already awesome and quite long.
There are art scenes, made by me, and people say I’m good with them, but maybe they are lying to get free art O_o
Also, the story was positively approved by @amberose, the Sen Sei of reviews, and she didn’t pay me to say it.

What else. Choices matter, you will get to choose love interest at the end. There is no customization, because of the complex directing and art scenes. Honestly, I would put CC, but I’m willing to sacrifice it for the sake of directing.

If you’re still not sure, feel free to check the animated story intro.
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