Promoting Practice Story Part 2

Thank you everybody for your advice about my last practice story. This will be my final practice story for the ink characters. And I forgot who told me about Krita but you are the best! I haven’t gotten good with it yet but I know that will take some time. I am working on writing a new story. Don’t worry this next one won’t be a practice story but it will take me some time to write. I’ll keep everybody updated on when its ready to be published. Thanks again!

Episode: After The Tutorial 2

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If you are reading Episode: After The Tutorial 2 - Alternate Storylines, I am still writing Chapter 4. Please do not play Chapter 4 just yet. I didn’t know that the Writer’s Portal would publish all of the chapters. I thought it would publish the completed ones. Thank you for your patience!

you can lock the chapter so the readers cannot access it.

label locked

Locked episode.

goto locked

Thank you. I didn’t know that. I did leave a message in the Episode that it was incomplete. Hopefully that will work.

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