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Hey everyone! I published my third story, “Revenge 101 ” :hearts: I would really appreciate if you’d give my story a chance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m open to any constructive criticism you might have. Thank you for reading this thread and feel free to promote your stories here!

Title : Revenge 101
Author :nurella
Style :LL
Genre : Comedy, Romance
IG :nurella.episode
Description : Your life turns upside down when your dad goes bankrupt. You have to work, but it’ll be hard. Especially when HE (the nerd you teased in high school) becomes your new hot cruel boss.
Story Link : Episode Writer Portal



Congrats on publishing!

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Thank you so much! :yellow_heart:

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Congrats on publishing! The description is so interesting

I read the first episode and its so interesting! Holly scares me :joy_cat:

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Hey girl,

Congrats with publishing your third story!!! :heart: I definitely gonna read it. :blush: Please, read my stories ‘Colo(u)ring the Rainbow’ (LL), ’Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’, ‘Little Star’ (LL), ‘For HIS Sake’ (LL), ‘Double Trouble Love’ (INK, coming out soon) and/or ‘The Runaway Groom’ LL and INK. R4R is closed at the moment (have too many stories I need to finish reading at the moment).

Number 1 (Not published yet!!):

I will show the cover when it’s done!!!

Title: Double Trouble Love

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: LGBTQ

Style: INK

Description: You wake up in the past, where the love of your life dislikes you. And past you is in the present. Oh, and your crush is your double. Male MC, Male LI, CC char reader #DTLINK

Episodes: 3 (4 is following soon).

Number 2:

Cover Colo(u)ring the Rainbow:

Title: Colo(u)ring the Rainbow

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: LGBTQ

Style: LL

Episodes: 3 (in revamp and episode 4 is following soon!!)

Link Colo(u)ring the Rainbow:

Description: You get in a car-accident. A kid is a witness. What happens if a judge sentence you to take care of the kid until his/her parent is out of coma? #CTR M/F MC and M/F LI CC, gender choices for the kid, choices.

Number 3:

Cover Cat Paws And Wolf Claws:

Title: ‘Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: Fantasy

Style: LL

Episodes: 19 (More are following!!)

Link Cat Paws, Wolf Claws:

Description: You, a 49 year old female werecat, find an 9 year old orphan at your doorstep. What secrets will unfold, when you decide to take care of him??? #CPAWC No CC, Fantasy, Romance, choices… Female MC Male LI

Number 4:

:point_right: :point_right: 8 episodes, more are following:

Links The Runaway Groom:

Cover The Runaway Groom:


Description: You, a bi-male, runs away the 15th time at the aisle. What are you going to do if number 16 is the first one that ran away from you?? #TRGLL #TRGINK Male MC, Male LI, comedy, little bit of mafia and LGBTQ+

Number 5:

:point_right: :point_right: And now my pride, my baby:

Title: ‘For HIS Sake’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: LGBTQ+

Style: LL

Episodes: 24 (More are following!!)

Description: After a tragedy you decide to turn your life upside down. You quit your job and has one friend left. That changes when you meet him… Your LI…

:wink: #FHS Male MC, Male LI CC, LGBTQ+



Small cover FHS

Number 6:

Link Little Star:

Cover Little Star:

By AngelWings

Description: Your husband and you are trying to get children for years… finally she’s there… but she’s born dead… #LSLL CC, Choices, 1 LI.

For a final special revamp (So, better not read it. :wink: )

  • Little Star INK (After revamp it’s complete);

  • The Door Is Open LL (After revamp it’s complete);

  • The Door Is Open INK (After revamp it’s complete);

  • The Search of Thomas f*ing White (LL) (Still continues after revamp…);

  • Bounded Minds (INK) (Still continues after revamp…);

  • Bounded Minds (LL) (Still continues after revamp…).

Happy reading and stay safe!!

Love A-W

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hi, I’m interested in an r4r!

title: delicate ambivalence
author: penny m.
style: ink
genre: drama/romance
IG: writing penny
description: After Jasmine realizes that her best friend’s new fling isn’t as honest as she seems, the two stumble into a delicate ambivalence. But one misstep and it’ll all come crashing down.
link: Episode Writer Portal


Thank you so much :heart: Well, Holly is a free spirit. She can be scary sometimes :sweat_smile:

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Hi! Congrats on publishing your story!

I’d like to promote my own story as well.

Deadly Nightshade small cover
Author: Faith

Description: “The balance of black and white.” After a woman’s brutal murder, her ghost returns for revenge. But ambition, betrayal, and tragedy unfold in her quest for vengeance…

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 8, season 1 is complete.


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Popstar Princess
By Pandaboo

If you like drama, romance, a double life come read this!

Marie enters a competition where she has a chance to become secretly famous.
Or does she? The choice is all yours, Not to mention your ex bestie doesn’t like you for a mysterious reason

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:christmas_tree: @iamveryblessed_

:christmas_tree: ‘A Christmas Coincidence’

:christmas_tree: mystery/drama

:christmas_tree: It’s the best time of the year! But when love comes when you least expect it, with blood splashing all over the white snow, will this year’s Christmas be a happily ever after?

You can expect
:snowflake: mature themes
:snowflake: female MC
:snowflake: male LI
:snowflake: choices (points system)
:snowflake: 3 endings
:snowflake: LOTS of dramas
:snowflake: … and many more!


If you do plan to read my story, I hope you enjoy!:snowman_with_snow:


Title : Falling With No Safety Net
By :Tinna
Instagram :tinna.stories
Style :LL
Genre : Comedy, Romance
About : Alaia is an orphaned, independent 19 yr old who has spent her childhood moving from one orphange to another with her best friend Dayzha. However, fast forward to a time where they get to finally get into the college of their dreams and meet 6 of the best personalities that complement each other so well that they soon move in together. No sooner had they had the best time at college than the so called “Charlatan Trio” (Dacre, Paxton & Malcom) came back to town. Let’s find out what happens when this trio and extraordinary friend group collide. Strife? Chaos? Both? :scream:
Story Link : [Episode Writer Portal )


Thanks for the thread! If anyone can take the time to read my story, I’d extremely appreciate it <3

Story: The Unwanted
Genre: Mystery
Insta: @evilyn.writes
Episodes: 14
Style: Ink

15 years since we’ve been deemed useless and deported to Earth. Now, we reunite to solve the supernatural murders and as past becomes present, our mistakes become fatal…

Advanced directing/ overlays etc.


Also up for r4r!

Thanks :hugs:

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Story: Forever & Always

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Style: Ink

Author: Scarlett

Instagram: episode.scar_ (DMs are open!)

Episodes: 3, more to come

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

Story Cover:

Description: Lucas Burns and Skylar Brown, two sworn enemies. One night spent together could change it all, but Lucas being into illegal street racing could ruin it all.