Promoting Shops!

Promote Your Art Shops Here!

Your shops can include anything =

  • Splashes
  • Character Cards
  • Art Scenes
  • Covers
  • Pfp’s
  • Coding Help
  • Character Designers
  • Outfit Designers
  • etc…

Promote your shop by answering the following =

  • Shop(s) title/name/link?
  • Are you hiring?
  • What character type(s) you help - LL/INK/Original?
  • Have you got any room for requests currently?
  • What abilities does your shop(s) include - Character Cards/Splashes/Covers/Art Scenes/etc…
  • Examples form your shop(s)
  • Any other information that you think an be useful…


Examples =

Mood Boards


Character Design



Coding Help

How to make READ / SKIP Scene Choices =

(Place this at the start of your chapter where you want the option to go)

Would you like to skip this scene?

choice “Read Scene” {
goto read_scene
“Skip Scene” {
goto skip_scene
label read_scene

(Place this where you want the readers who press the skip option to skip to)

label skip_scene

Character Cards


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Would you mind doing the Forever Art Shop! (Open)


Are you hiring?

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I’m apart of the shop, but @episodenoelle runs it

Okie (:

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Would you be willing to join my shop as well or would that be too much for you? (:

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I would love to, do you mind PM’ing me?

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Hey everyone! I’m an artist and I’ve started commissions and it would be great if you could check out my art shop! Thank you :blob_hearts:

My art is free. I mainly do INK edits. Feel free to go and check it out. :heart:

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@Sydney_H, please close this thread after a while of inactivity (: