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Hey! I have a story in progress, I don’t plan on releasing until I’ve built up enough followers to ensure the story gets recognition.

  • Drop your Instagram and/or story Information.
    I will follow your insta and read your stories :bangbang:

You can follow me at k1epi :blob_hearts:

About my story

Readers are taken on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world. Set in a once-peaceful town now overrun by flesh-eating monsters. Explore the darkness that resides within our human nature. The story centers around a group of survivors who must band together to navigate the perilous streets of the undead.

I also have other threads
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Hi thank you for the thread and congrats on your story progress so far! Hope you can release it soon!
My IG is @shiv.episodee and I will drop down my stories below and fill out ur other thread as well! :revolving_hearts:

Fabled: Chasing The Sun & Moon

Title: Fabled: Chasing The Sun & Moon
Author: Shivali
Genre: Fantasy (Mystery/Romance)
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 5
Description: You have to save your mom’s life with the vampire royals! Can they figure out what happened to her? Do you need the Sun or the Moon to make it work, or to fall in love?
Other Info Full CC of MC, family, LI. Bonus Scenes, Art Scenes, Point System, Choices Matter,
Rainbow Hidden Gem Badge
Episode Writer Portal

My New Beginning

Title: My New Beginning
Author: Shivali
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 14 out, making season 2 atm!
Description: You are ready to find love after being in the dark for so long. Will you be able to control what was holding you back, or will it rip you apart from your soulmate? 1 Li - Gem Free
Episode Writer Portal

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Hey! I love vamp stories, I’ll def read both of them.
Just followed your insta :blob_hearts:

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Thank you! I will give u a follow :blob_hearts:

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Hi! Thanks for this thread <3 I hope you publish soon & I wish you happy writing!
My ig is tay.epi_ & I’ll link my story below!

Free Falling

Description: “Attempting to revive their friendship, Tamia and Kaleb spend their senior year making up for lost time. As sparks start to fly, a friendship may be harder than they thought.”
Episodes: There are currently 7 episodes & the story is ongoing.
Genre: Romance (also a bit of a comedy)
Extras: Art scenes & Full cc.

(Episode Writer Portal)

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Cool, who doesn’t like a good friendship love story :blob_hearts:
I’ll follow your insta!

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Hi, your story sounds great! I’ll be sure to check it out when it comes out :grin:

Here is my first story, it’s a werewolf story!
Description: After years of inhumane captivity, Shyann escapes her evil pack and enters Howl Hills territory, where a ROYAL werewolf lineage resides… and her mate. Limited CC|LL|Choices
Genre: Fantasy
Features in this story:

  • NO gem choices except support the author and some bonus scenes at end of chapters
  • Some CC
  • Lots of choices and point system
  • Advanced directing


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Howl Hills

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along

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Looking forward to your story :slight_smile:
Here are some of my stories:

Title: Only Your Kisses
Synopsis: What happens when Orabelle’s boss’ son turns out to be someone she thought was dead - Jack Wyatt, her devilishly sexy but cold ex-fiancé? Can she resist the man she wants to hate?
Genre: romance/drama
Tropes: second chance/enemies to lovers
Choices: yes, they matter/point system
Love interest: one male LI
CC: full customization
Ending: multiple
Available chapters: 7 (ongoing)
Art scenes: yes
Instagram: @kerli.writes
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Title: More of Us
Synopsis: After getting together with the love of her life, a rock star Christian, Adriana finds herself in the middle of a wicked game. Will they find their happy ending in each other?
Genre: romance/drama
Love interest: one
CC: full customization
Art scenes: yes
Available chapters: 16 (ongoing)
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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I love fantasy stories, I’ll be sure to read it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Your synopsis sound interesting :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :grin: hope you enjoy

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Thankyou so much for this thread… :blush: :blush:

Title:- Queen Of Hell

Genre:- Action

Instagram Acc:- @sapphire_ecrivain

No. of episodes:- 6 (On going)

Love Interest:- 1 (no option)

Description:- The most dangerous assassin and the heiress of the Italian Mafia with the rivalry of the Russian Mafia King. What will happen when they cross paths?

Link :- Episode Writer Portal

I’m down for R4R & G4G :wink: :wink:


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I’ve been looking for action stories :heavy_heart_exclamation: Just followed you

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Thankyou so much… Go ahead and please let me know what do you think … Thankyou once again :smiling_face::smiling_face:

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