Promoting Stories & R4R Forms!

Hey everyone and Please fill out the form!

This post is for anyone who wants to check my story Never look away Chapter 1-4!

Everyone else can fill out the forms and I can either promote this story on The real one’s Episode Instagram account or do a Read for Read!

  • Cover of your story.

  • Story Name: Never Look Away

  • Writer Name: Melody Lina

  • Genre: Drama

  • Style: Limelight

  • Short Description About Story: New York City a place where everyone is hiding away behind all of their family money. So why does this New York City Socialite want to hide away from the world?

  • Ongoing

  • Customisation: Yes

  • Diversity: Yes

Story link:

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The real one’s episode Instagram link

So fill out the form below!

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Thank you so much for making this thread! Here’s mine. I’ll start yours now and PM you the screenshots! :blush:

Title: Remember Me
Author: Mila.episodes
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Number of Episodes: 5 (Ongoing)
Customization: No
Diversity: Yes
Description: When Dean bumps into his first love, she doesn’t remember who he is. Through a series of misunderstandings, flashbacks, and heartbreak, will Dean hold on or forget her too?

Link :

IG: @mila.episodes


Sounds good and message me on Instagram!

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And please fill out my form in the link so I know how i am going to promote your story!

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Thanks for the thread. Perhaps you would like my new story! (although I am pretty sure we did a r4r already)
Feedback is appreciated, PM me!

Episode Acc: gigistorm
Episode Title: The Witch Prophecy
Story Genre: Fantasy
Description: You just found out you are a witch, how will you handle it? Not only that, but you need to now prepare yourself for the most important job in the witch world: being the Oracle!
Style: LL
Options: CC, choices matter.
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Story Link:

Hey you can fill out my form and I can promote your story on my Instagram!

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i filled the first one in, not sure which one it was!

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I’ve Check it and it’s the promoting story one!

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Hi All,

I am looking for honest feedback on my first story Swim with Me.


I will also do read for read if requested

Thanks you,

Deb xoxo

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I’ll check out your story tomorrow after I finish the R4R that I’ve already agreed to and if you can to promote your story on my Instagram then fill out my form above and there a R4R form too if you want to do that!

Title: Swiping Right
Style: Ll
Description: After Aubrey had left her ex boyfriend she decides to explore her sexuality. Doing so she meets Haruna, and her left changes drastically.

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