Promoting story And I'll do it back!

Hey guys!
I just released my very first story (Trough Hate & Love)
But I need someone to promote it…
so i can get some readers
And i can do it also back! :grin:

Just sent a dm on insta or here
My insta is Angelsp_epi

Pleasee helpp me :pleading_face:

Hi guys!
I Just released my new story!
• Trough Hate & Love
• Author: AngelSP
• Descritption: it’s about a girl and she doesn’t really believe in love but when she meets a guy everything changes but in a good way or a bad way…
Check it out! + CC
• Link:

• Insta for sneak peaks -> @AngelSP_epi
• Only 3 chapters but more coming soon!

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