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Screenshot your favorite part and when your done. I’ll be doing the same

Story Title: Attitude Problem
Description: Ayana is her own person even if that attitude not right, that is until Clyde comes in and change her ways, or can he? But Clyde have bigger problems of his own…
Chapters out : 12
Genre: Thriller
Author: Kim Rigsby
Story Link:


Hello! Wanna 7x7 r4r?

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Hey there! I have just posted my entry for the Magicka Contest and I would be so grateful if you could check it out :heavy_heart_exclamation: I would be more than happy to do a R4R with you :blush:

Title: Magicka: Witches Aren’t Real

Author: Raven Writes (@RavenWrites)

Genre: Fantasy

Description: They said your mother was crazy. But they were wrong. She was the only one who saw them coming. The witches are here and they are on a hunt…

Link: 1


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Yes, Whats your story?

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Of course

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the Red Curtain (male MC; LGBTQ+). Wanna 7x7 r4r?

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I published my first story a short time ago, if you are interested in reading the name is Lion Gang. It is a story full of action, drama, romance and comedy.


Maybe you want to check out my story :two_hearts:
We could do a 12x12
My story:
Title: Under the Stars
Author: Aykay
Genre: romance
Description: One day Jasmine decided to start a new life in the big city. But it seemed that fate isn’t good to her. Her only ray of hope: Ian Veira, a city boy through and through…

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Ty for reading, I’m currently out of passes, but I’ll read it asap!

Hey would you like to do 3 for 3 r4r?
I’ll send ss when I’m done.
Story name: Lies & Deception
Author: Nani
Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama
Description: In a class full of liars will you be able to find your boyfriend’s murderer without revealing your own little secret?

I’ll get on it right away

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Will do the same♥️

Hey I really enjoyed reading your story. Here are some ss☺️

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I like it alot and its really funny.

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