Promoting The Darkness's Touch

Hello, wonderful people!
I don’t want to shove my story down your throats :smile:, but because I really worked very hard on this 3 episodes that I have published, I would really really love a feedback , it can be a negative feedback as well so I would know in the future what to improve. I know I can’t please everyone, because everyone is unique and everyone have a favorite writing style - some love some good romance and others like very dark and gore stories…
This story is very important to me because it’s my style as every writer and painter has his own style.
I would love for you to give me a chance. Just having reads means nothing to me. Many people just want to have reads so they can be on the trending page eventually. Important is that I was very passionate about my story and I would really love some reviews.
I would like to do R4R with whoever is interested but for the first 3 episodes so you can have a taste of my own writing style!

Here is my story description:

Author : Julia
Genre : Thirller
Style : Ink
Episodes : 3 (more to come)
Choices/dress-up game
Plot: Secrets, drama and adventure. You were just having a night out with your best friend…until hell unleashed upon you…

(this cover is still in pending, BUT I’M PROUD OF IT :smiley: )

Large cover

Thank you all in advance! :heart:
J. :heart:


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